Oil tank on night train

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    When I was at the dealer open house I saw a 07 Night Train and notices the paint on the oil tank had some bubbles . Do you think this could have been from the previous owner getting so hot that it would bubble the paint like that ? If I'd been the dealer I would have fixed it before setting out for sale like that . Just wondering .
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    I doubt it was from overheating but HD has had some paint problems too amongst other things.
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    It was probably a defect in the powdercoat. If they didn't get good adhesion to the metal or use a corrosion protectant like a phosphate dip then you could have issues. Especialy if any oil was spilled by the owner and penetrated the powder somehow.

    I have an 07 Night Train and at only 79 miles the front wheel hub had the chrome peeling, and also the lower legs had what seemed to be corrosion on them. Also the powdercoat was bubbling around the front and rear master cylinders. I went to the dealer to see if it was covered under warranty and they said no, its because I didn't wash it.... LOL, really? Must have gotten really dirty in that 79 miles. I am figuring they really cut corners on quality sometime around 07, slowly re-powder coating there mistakes.....

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    That is NOT right.. I'd try another dealer and IF the same, then GO to HD customer service..

    THEN end up probably fixing it yourself, Like you are doing..:newsmile093:

    You get a feeling of Batting ones head against the wall???:newsmile08: Don't you.

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    Quality control is non existant at Harley and they couldn't care less. I bought a new 02 Night Train and the one front tube on the front end kept turning. They said that was impossible but tried to tighten it some more. I put a piece of masking tape on the tube and the clamp and put matching marks. We rode a couple hundred miles and the marks were off by 1/4 inch and the turn signal light which clamps to the tube on the Night Train was turned. while we were on the trip, we stopped in Battlefield Harley in Gettysburg and showed them and they miked it and said it was smaller than the other tube. When we got back home I took it back to my dealer and demanded that they change it. Never had a problem after that.
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    Paint is becoming an issue, unlike the 80 and 90 models IMO:s
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    Yeah but it feels good when you stop!:D