Oil leaking out air filter

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by greg2807, May 29, 2011.

  1. greg2807

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    i have 03 883 sportster punched out to a 1200. have had head gaskets umbrela gaskets replaced and added an oil blow by line. still getting oil leeking out air filter any ideas how to solve this issue
  2. whocares

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    check and see if you over filled your crankcase,over filling will cause this.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Check the air cleaner back plate and head vent holes, over filling oil will cause oil carry over try 1/2 quart less oil next oil change and top off as needed:s
  4. fin_676

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    How much oil is on the filter as there is always oil mist in the air coming from the breathers this will condense back to oil as it hits anything colder than the temp inside the crankcase so there will always be a wee bit of oil
    if there is a lot of oil at the air filter it may be that there is some combustion blow by getting past the the piston rings and pressurising the crankcase this will force any oil in the sump out of the breather
    compression test may be helpful on this

  5. HDDon

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    How long since you upgraded to the 1200? What type of AC are you running?
  6. Painter61

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    try keeping filter clean on my 06 sporty it leaks oil about every six months it just tells me to clean it i have a k&n filter
  7. BOLAS

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    I just got a 2003 XL1200C 10K Miles......Oil Breathing out of Air Filter...will attempt to remove a little Oil and see if any change.
  8. TR Gregg

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    Greetings. I own a 2006 XL1200C. Just finished a ~1000 mile putt on the machine. I noticed about 350 miles into the ride that there was a light coating of oil on the side case (exhaust side), exhaust pipe, oil tank, and a film of oil in the air intake. Being as this is my first HD it came as a complete surprise.

    Seeing that nothing was dripping and the oil feed lines looked secure (oil level in tank was in range) I finished out the ride that day. I found a HD dealer the next morning. I was told that if you go for prolonged 60+ mph rides, especially in hot weather, the oil vents will blow off the excess pressure.

    Actually I find this weird. Is there a way to redirect the vents so it doesn't slime the engine on long runs? Or do I just have to live with it? Is this true for other HD models as well?

  9. nakkers

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    Looking for overfill is definitly the first place to look. Then the air filter itself. If it's too dirty, the oil mist from the vented bolts will collect in the filter instead of being burnt through combustion.

    I've see a few after market air cleaners that have tube routes from the back plate vent hole closer to the air intake. Something like this.

    Another cause maybe the umbrella values. They can get dirty and prevent the oil from draining down the heads. The excess oil exits through the vented bolts. (More than just the regular oil vapour during normal operation.)

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  10. TR Gregg

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    Thanks for the reply Nakkers. Can you explain a bit more about the "...umbrella values..." you mention in your post?