Oil leakage after 883/1200 conversion

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by gnrz, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. gnrz

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    In winter i completed engine conversion... from 883 to 1200 + placed mikuni.
    Everything is fine... runs great... quick throtle response... but...BUT i have noticed that after longer runs 150..200km nonstop... or in city if its hot and i need to make my way in trafic jams... oil starts to leak or more like drips come out from tube that comes from engine for..us i understand ventilation... as i remember (when taking bike appart) this hose was not connected to anything... just free behind the oil tank... should i worry? maybe i should just close it dead?

    oil level is normal.
  2. glider

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    Usually there's a reason why oil would be coming out of an engine. If it's venting out the vent tube, possible causes are oil over full, blow by the rings, ring gaps not staggered, defective breathers in the heads or even the wrong oil filter on the engine any of which could cause your problem.
  3. nakkers

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    Are you talking about the two hollow bolts that attach the backing plate from the air breather/carb to the heads? Those bolts are to vent and allow a small amount of oil mist to make it's way to the AC and run through the carb to be burnt through combustion.

    If so, check and clean or replace your air filter. Sometimes the filter clogs and the oil can't make it's way to the carb.

    Some times the umbrella valves need to be replaced as excessive oil accumilates up top and can't effectively drain back down.

    Most common is what Glider mentioned, over fill of oil.