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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bluesman57, May 11, 2009.

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    I have a 2006 road king custom and have just noticed an oil leak coming from near the stator wire or somewhere in that area. not from the filter. the stator wire gets wet when i ride and oil blows back on the motor and underneath the block. has anybody had this problem and where can it be coming from
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    The chaincase oil can wick up thru the wires from the stator and run out the plug. This oil will end up causing the pins to burn thru in the plug. I've had luck coating the inside with silicone. The stator plug pushes in to the case from the inside and is supposed to be a snug fit with enough sticking out to go fully into the VR female end of the plug. On the end of the stator plug is a flange which is supposed to seal the oil. I put them in with a bit of silicone to seal them, your's either hasn't done that or the silicone is so old it is not sealing. If the plug is not through the case enough you might be able to pull it a little further gently, but don't go crazy there. As mentioned a bit of silicon squeezed around the edges might fix it as it is primary fluid and not under pressure. Clean the surfaces well with some wax and grease remover before applying the silicone
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    Thanks for that . I will clean it up and try that. It just started about 3 days ago, not that serious but I don't want oil all over my ride, not a rat bike yet!!!
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    Hard to imagine the molded "rubber" sealing barb leaking oil, but stranger things happen. Does it look like the insulation on the wires themselves has been damaged from overheating (like when the VR is going out and you are pulling too much current)? That might explain it, but would also indicate you are in for some more work.

    I suggest cleaning the bike very thoroughly to get ALL the crud off and get it spotless. Then do a short ride long enough to get to operating temp on all the fluids. Immediately inspect the bike when you shutdown and see if you can spot the leak. If not, check it as soon has it has cooled down.

    If the bike is leaking from the stator wires, and seems to be coming from between the case and the molded barb, you can try a suggestion Glider had below for the EVO Stator plug. The TCs are different, but the principle might work if you can figure how to get an o-ring over the plug itself (might have to remove the wires from the plug to do it). See here:

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    If the oil is leaking out between the wire and the molded "rubber", you can try the same idea with a smaller o-ring, but I would bet you will be into the primary soon. Has to be a reason that THIS happened.