oil leak from trans casing

Discussion in 'Oil' started by hardride, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. hardride

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    I recently bought a 2007 Road Glide (10 days ago) and it has been in the shop for a week. I was told the aluminum the trans case was made from was bad and the casing needs to be replaced. Should I be worried about encountering any other problems? Why is the dealer telling me it will take 10 days to get this case? Seeing that the bike is less than 2 weeks old shouldn't Harley make it a priority to keep their customers happy? Can I do something about this?

  2. glider

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    Ask the dealer to put the bike on the "down" list. In other words it is out of service and should be expedited.

    Make sure you check it over when it's done for scratches etc. and ask foir a loaner being it's new.