Oil in the carb./intake?

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Pride913, Sep 12, 2009.

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    I took my filter off and noticed there was oil sitting next to the inside intake, is that normal? It is stamped "do not oil" right on the front of the actual filter....i know you should'nt obviously oil the filter, but why would it be inside then...If its not normal, what are some suggestions to fix it. Yes im a new rider, just trying to learn something. You dont start off knowing it all right...

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    If your bike is running OK, Don't worry... If you'll remember when you took off the air cleaner there should have been two breather tubes from top of each cylinder head... into intake, "Normal"

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    Pride913, just curious if the air filter you have is the "stock" filter or aftermarket K&N with "lightly" oiled element. As HarryB said, it probably is a wee bit of oil from the oil breather tube (part of the closed postive "pressure" crankcase ventilation mandated by EPA) for quite a long time actually. Also, if you recently did an oil change, if you slightly overfilled the oil tank, the excess will "burp" out those tubes.
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    How's the oil level? If it's too high it will do that.
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    hey thanks alot guys i'll look into that. Thanks for the tips/info
  6. kemo

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    Just got back from a 1300 mile weekend trip. I noticed that I had a little oil puddle between the cylinders so I wiped it off and it reappeared next day. Later in the day the bike started to pop in the exhaust. I thought that I might of gotten some bad gas so my buddy gave me some octane booster that didn't do much good, but later on the engine started to run better with an occasional pop. I kind of started to think that it felt like a plug shorting out and the it would fire and ignite some raw fuel in the muffler and cause the pop. This morning I went out and started the bike and it started to pop and miss so I changed the plus and the thing is running supper again. I think the popping was causing oil to blow back from the carb into the air cleaner and leak down. By the way the plugs were Autolite 4164, Glider is what I discribed the ion effect. During this popping it never lost power. I took the bike out for a 150 mile ride this morning with the old H/D plugs and it is running fine. Te Autolites were only 2 weeks old
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    I'm 62 and have been a wrench just about all my life and I've found that the factory pretty much knows more than others what is right for its products so I alway run the plugs that are recommended by the factory and haven't had reason to be upset with that decision. So many folks think that this plug or that plug is something super but running the oem plug will never get you into trouble on a stock machine
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    The EPA won't let the oil vented from the case to be dumped on the road. The solution was to vent the oil vaper into the intake and burn it. I find that I have to clean the intake and my oil filter about every 3000 miles. Being that the service interval is 5000K I half it and clean my filter every 2500 miles