Oil Dipstick Popping Off!!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bubbagags, Aug 3, 2014.

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    I have never encountered this and before I take the bike in for a full diagnostic, figured it may have happened to someone here. I recently had the 20k service done as well as I had noticed some oil seeping past the rocker gaskets, so I had them replaced. I rode the bike home and when I arrived, I found oil all over the right side of the bike and the oil dipstick missing. I chocked it up to a maintenance tech not following through and called the dealer. They replaced it for free and even trailered the bike back to my home. Well, I took the bike out for a ride today, and upon my arrival 2 hours later, again, there was oil all over it and the dipstick was missing! I was really (EDIT) . I stuffed a rag in the opening and applied some duct tape over it to hold in place and "limped" to a local dealer in Milwaukee. I proceeded to buy a new dipstick (chrome of course and $40) and put the(EDIT) thing in myself, again swearing under my breath at the other dealers maintenance tech. So off I went, heading home... I happened to look down, just to appease my curiosity, and the (EDIT) new dipstick was again gone! Something is causing a build up of pressure in the oil cavity excessive enough to pop that damn thing off!! Any clue guys (and gals)????

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    Aside from the language and I understand the frustration, I would have to say that the pressure in the system is blowing off the dip stick out of the tube. I wonder if installing the new rocker gaskets that they maybe miss installed the gaskets and is blocking breather system.....:nosad
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    I'm surprised that they didn't want to do a test ride the bike with a replaced dipstick when you attempted to buy a new one. At least that's what I would've done if I saw the customer come back and buy a dipstick for one that got lost again within the day.

    I'm wondering if it's overfilled with oil.
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    There is something not right with the work that was done, the dealer should be making it right. I would ask that the work be done by a technician that doesn't have any comebacks(problems with work done). There are to many techs that are in a bigger hurry to get it done than they have the skills to get it right. I had a tech break 3 Rocker box bolts when replacing the rocker box gaskets.

    The following is from a Harley service manual.
    Even though all bolt holes (rocker housing, rocker arm
    support plate and breather assembly) may appear to be
    in alignment, the rocker housing gasket may be installed
    upside down. An upside down gasket will result in an
    open breather channel causing an oil leak when the vehicle
    is started, possibly resulting in engine and/or property
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    Good point. However, I was totally across the state and stopped in at another dealer when I purchased the new dip stick.

    Thanks! I'll remember you points as I call the dealer this morning...
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    I haven't seen yet where you checked the oil level, have you? As much pressure as it takes to blow the cap AND dipstick completely out of the hole, I would think you might hear it.
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    Im just more curious here than help, I know -- the oil dipstick on my road king screws in --- the dipstick on my heritage pushes in (and has blown out a few times - was old and a new one fixed that!). Im not sure exactly how a threaded dipstick pops out.?? Does your dipstick screw in or push in? If threaded, perhaps the threads are all messed up/missing.

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    Some of the custom replacement dip sticks only press in and hopefully will lodge against threads and not come out. As the rubber gets soft over time like in your Heritage it can pop out. Usually with no oil tank like in the Electra Glides they dip stick does screw in. The op is probably lucky that his dipstick does just pop in for the excessive pressure that has been created since repair has got to go some where.
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    Did the tech replace rocker cover gaskets or rocker box gaskets? If rocker box gaskets were replaced, gasket are a one way fit. Wrong fitment will block vent hole.

    Did the tech replace breathers? New breathers could be assembled wrong and result in pressure build up in crank case.

    Check CCP; if there is a significant difference, could have a broken compression ring on one cylinder that is allowing excessive blow by intot the crank case. Have seen this before, bike ran OK, did not consume oil.

    I lean toward the work done by the tech. All was OK before, now the dipstick is blowng out. IMHO, it's the tech's problem to fix not yours :nosad; take it back to the tech. You should also be reimbursed for the cost of the blown dipsticks.:D
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    No threads. It's a push in dipstick.