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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Bowling Coach, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Bowling Coach

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    Looking to buy an oiler cooler any imput on witch one anybody installed and what they though about it

    I got the HD primium and have been very happy with it. Some of the members have gone with the Jagg and I know it is a great product also.
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  2. glider

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    Jagg use to make the HD coolers but I don't know about now. I would go with the Jagg myself.
  3. scottyguitar

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    I installed the HD deluxe oil cooler on my '08 Fatboy a couple of months ago. It went on easily (the hoses are precut and shaped) and now my oil temps are never above 220* even when the ambient temp is 100* and I am running in stop-and-go traffic through town.

    I also use Mobil 1 V-twin oil in the motor.
  4. RibEye

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    I use the Jagg chrome 10-row vertical:

    Jagg Vertical 10-Row Oil Cooler Kits - Jagg Oil Coolers

    I use their offset adapter (w/ thermostat), with anti-rotation bracket. I am very happy, and the unit works well. Also, it is up our of the way of any road debris that might tend to be kicked up into it and poke a hole in it.

    Rich P
  5. Locopilot750

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    I put the HD cooler on my Heritage, because it looks like it belongs there and looks like it was made for the bike. Some of the others look like a "fits all" item, hung on as an after thought..
  6. doctordoug

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    I put on a 6 row Jagg with no thermostat because that is what Jagg recommended. They will sell you one with a thermostat if if want to spend the money. Check their website. I have the Slimline and it is all black and you wouldn't know it wasn't stock if you even noticed it. One problem with the Harley unit is that it makes it impossible to mount my Lindbar. With the combination of the Jagg and K&P oil cooler my temps have stayed about 200-210 during the hot weather. I will be posting a report from Blackstone when I change my oil to report on their evaluations of the K&P. They had nothing to say but positive comments when I called before the installation.
  7. The Tourist

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    I'm glad you added the statement on stop-and-go traffic. This was a concern of mine.

    Over the next few weeks (when both the unit arrives and funds permit) I am also going to an oil cooler. However, my biggest concern was traffic. There are definitely times on the highway on a hot day I can feel the bike's heat. But it is at a traffic light that I feel it in waves.

    Since the unit depends on a radiator, but has no fan, my concern was does just routing the oil flow to this radiator--which is now also in stagnant hot air while the bike is not moving--going to do its job?

    Granted, anything is better than nothing. But I considered the idea that when I needed cooler oil the most--that is, when stopped--would the cooler be worth the time and expense.
  8. fin_676

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    A radiator will radiate heat even when there is no airflow through it as it allows a large surface area for the heat from the oil to come into contact with the cooler air so it will help even though it is less efficient when standing still

  9. The Tourist

    The Tourist Banned

    I'm glad you confirmed that. The bike I'm going to install the cooler on is a 2010. I've never ridden a bike that belched out so much heat. And it has a new download.
  10. cycleman11

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    I put an HD oil cooler ( has a thermostat ) on my 08 Softail. It dropped the engine oil temp about 20 deg F. In city driving, stop & go at around 90 F the temp before the cooler would be around 240-250, with cooler 220-230.

    Seeing as HD views 230 F as the operating temp of the oil, I believe the cooler is a good addition. Wheither you want one with a thermostat would depend on where you live. Where I live you need the thermostat or the ability to block off the front of the cooler in cooler weather.

    The cooler really comes into its own when you are travelling two up loaded, taking on mountain passes etc. Coming from air cooled oilhead BMW's ( oil cooler is standard equipment ) I think HD should have them on all their bikes.