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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SAnVA, May 27, 2012.

  1. SAnVA

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    I bought 4 qts. Mobil 1 v-twin synthetic and new filter at Advance yesterday, got up this morning before 7 and went out to the garage to change oil in my 98 Road King. Drained old oil put new filter on, using funnel poured the first quart in, and then dumped the second quart in the funnel ( oil looked really dark, and my garage is also kinda dark) so inspected it under a light and it was burnt motor oil. I suppose someone had filled up their empty container and returned it for a refund and I was the lucky person who got it . As much as I hated to do it I put the rest of the new oil in ( had a ride planned for today ) then went to advance showed them the container with a little oil left in it, they refunded full price for 4 qts. and the filter, gonna do another oil change tomorrow! So, when you open up that new qt. of oil look at it before you dump it in the funnel! Some people have no morals at all!
  2. Iceman24

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    Sad world we live in...glad you caught it.
  3. Cajun Ultra

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    you did'nt see that the can had been open ?
  4. turnerbend

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    Don't believe I would run any amount of used oil of that source in my bike, Could be a sabotage to ruin someones engine. That oil could have suspended metal, foreign liquid or been diluted to a point.
  5. Dswartz

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    I cant believe they would put an "open" bottle back on the shelf. That's like a grocery store putting a half eaten bag of chips up for sale....eewww. I've heard of making mistakes but that's unexcusable.
  6. SAnVA

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    Thanks for the replies and in defense of not seeing that the container had been opened, I wondered how I hadn't noticed that either until I went back and looked at the lid again. On the Mobil 1 containers if you screw the lid back on tight , you have to inspect it really closely to see that it had been opened. That is something that I just never anticipated in the first place. At one time some of the oil companies had the seals that you had to tear off or bust open after you removed the lid, that was a good idea!
  7. ironmark

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    Most of the time you can hear the plastic cap snap away from the seal ring when you open the bottle, but if you have the radio on or are talking sometime you don't notice the little snap. I am sure it is a 1 in a million chance that you would see this happen but now we will all keep a eye out for this kind of fraud. The shame of the whole situation that some one has enough money to own & ride a bike but they want to commit fraud at the auto parts store to save a little money, some people have no scruples at all.
  8. Scrappy

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    They could have filled them bottles with mud. At the store with someone returning Oil, you think they would have closely inspected the bottles. Unless his buddy was at the counter. Sad.
  9. glenalt

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    I read not too long ago where they filled them with water. You can't be too careful.
  10. Mavagrand

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    Be careful with after market oil filters. There are somethings I buy from the MoCo, oil filters and brake pads to name two.

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