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    Have two buddys with ultra glides,Both 07 and they were talking about doing oil change and old oil in return lines,One said that the ultra didnt have oil tank and all oil would be drained when drain plug was removed.The other one said that you had to do something with return line to get all oil out or 20 percent of old oil stayed in bike,I dont know but I would like to know who is right ???
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    Theres residual oil left behind in the oil galleys of the engine, that doesn't get fully drained during an oil change. For that reason, recommendation is to go about 1/2 quart short of the recommended refill capacity and see where that gets you on the dipstick. Don't want to overfill on these Ultras as that gets you oil misting out your air cleaner.

    Not sure of any special tricks to get that residual oil pumped out. On my prior goldwing, you could hit the kill switch and crank the engine for 3-4sec and you could see oil spewing out the oil filter port and main drain plug. Don't think I'd do that on my Ultra and never heard of anyone doing it.
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    Doing a search in the Forum Search box, top right side, on “complete oil change” will return some plentiful reading…

    The oil lines on the ’07 Twin Cam 96 ci Alpha engines (Dyna and Touring) are internal, the Softail series still have external oil lines. The newer oil pumps, ’07 and later, have 10% more flow and a 23% oil scavenging capacity improvement, meaning less oil left sitting in the bottom of the motor.

    There is an oil tank; that’s what drains when the drain plug is removed. On Softails it’s a horse shoe oil tank under the seat, on Touring models it’s more like a pan under the motor/transmission.
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    I always seem to ask about opinionated topic..lol..I just bought first harley so when I heard the debate about it,I had to ask on this forum.I have ask oil related ? before and someone posted that just changing the oil when you should is the key whatever oil and way of doing it.
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    To steal a classic Smitty quote, "Your bike, you decide!"

    I don't think there's any scientific proof that doing your oil change one way or the other results in longer engine life. I think we all agree that the change interval is much more important along with the choice of oil. That puts us back to square one where it's your decision whether or not you want to mix some old oil with the brand new stuff you just spent your hard earned dollars on. Make your decision and then rest easy!
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    With all due respect to Smitty who has forgotten more about Harleys than I'll ever know the complete oil change on a softail is the only way to go IMO. I can see 24-30 ounces of dirty oil come out this way. Getting almost an extra quart of dirty oil out can't be a waste of time or effort. The oil stays cleaner longer also. The only cost is 5-10 minutes and a quart of oil.

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    It is Kinda a Personal thing IF or IF NOT.. I have done it BOTH ways and prefer to go by the book.(.)

    I use HD filters and Redline FULL synthetic products (the best IMO) and find No Need to do my bike oil changes different than the book...

    I have flowed out the oil, Like geezer has and on my sport with the tank UP on the side with oil lines on it I did get enough oil to exchange out of the system to feel a little better about.. BUT I change oil EARLY and never have OIL used long enough to really Call DIRTY...

    After a ride I find the NORMAL Way works for me.

    If you feel the urge to do the complete change, You can find much to read about it,,,, I ALSO Just don't think it is as necessary to do..

    Now with geeser, I respect HIS opinion and CAN see Why HE does it His Way. If you want to it is a OKAY way..ALSO.

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    If you lived next door to me Smitty you'd never have to buy coffee again!!!:worthy
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    i did a lot of research on oil and filters, now we all know that a new refinery hasnt been built in america since 1974...and we all know harley davidson doesnt produce it's own oil or filters, soo....i found filters for briggs and stratton and john deere with the exact same specs(microns and backflow prevention system)and thread and overall size...as oem harley filters.thats 5 microns by the way 20 microns for oem evo's. castrol and many others make v-twin specific oil, i also use zmax(would karrol shelby lie?) i have over 70,000 miles on my 1997 evo and it runs strong and smooth..after all isnt that the point?..change it when it gets dirty..it works for me