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    Need info on some oils. I have a 2000 Ultra Classic. I want to change the transmission oil. How much does it hold? I was told about two qts. from somebody and was told by another 1 qt. I have an 'old' quart of the Harley trans lube. On the front bottom it says semi-synthetic transmission lubricant. The part no. on the back reads 99892-84. I went to the local Harley dealer and told them what I wanted [trans lube] and the make-model of my bike. They gave me a qt. of Harley Formula +[on the front of the bottle reads] transmission and primary chaincase lubricant. I noticed that the part no. is differant. This one reads 62600004. The bottle is also shapped differantly. So I guess my question is is the primary chaincase and transmission called the same? And how much does it hold OR how much do they hold? And are the two bottles that I have the same lube? Sorry for the long question. I am probably making this more than it seems to be. Thanks in advance.
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    Trans takes one quart,but be sure and check the dipstick,you can use HD`s fluid in both trans and primary but there is nothing wrong with using your old stuff,on my newer bike with the noisy six speed I use 75-90 amsoil but on that one your fine with your oil..
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    I get so confussed, on my 05 ultra book says 20-24 oz to fill. I messured what came out and it was 20oz, I replaces with 24oz of royal purple 75/140 and it shows full on the stick. So tell me why are there so many different answers to this question?
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    Dry fill @ factory and wet fill will be different amounts, I check before I drain and measure what comes out:s
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