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    I see my 2007 TC requires 91+ fuel. Being new to Harleys and in New Mexico where a lot of little towns only have two pumps (87 and diesel). And the small places that do sell 91 probably sell so little of it it's probably stale. Can she run on 87 for a short time or could you all recommend an octane booster that really works. I have heard some of them are junk and do no good.

    On the same subject, I wonder when fueling up from a single hose pump how much of whatever the last guy pumped goes into your tank before the 91 comes out. Just a thought.
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    does you bike ping when you run 87? yopu hear the tail that the reason they
    say 91 is because they get to post more HP rateings for that model og bike.
    if you do hear a ping under you normal rideing style they a few OZ.'s of o booster on a full tank might solve it. don't over do it on the booster. just thinking out loud. roll on and throttle-up.
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    87 to 91 is a pretty big stretch. Other than an XL bike, the rest should have you somewhat protected with the built in ion sense knock retard subsystem. But if this is something your going to have to live with from now on, you may want to look into re-mapping the spark advance curves using a SE Super Tuner.
    Using a fuel booster all the time with every tankful, can get to be a pain.

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    IF and that is IF I can Only get 87/85 gas,and NEED to make it to a longer distant town or village that has the 91,,,::: I get involved with adding a smaller amount of low octane to the fuel tank Before it is down to nothing... By doing the adding of lets say 2 gallons to my 4 gallons left and figuring it will get me there to the High 91 gas station.

    This keeps my octane to a higher level then adding the low grade say to a 1/2 gal. , OR when Low light comes.

    A little planning is needed to do this but it works for me.:s

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    I use sea foam in every tank- if i knew that 93 octane wasn't available then i would juice it up a little more with sea foam. I swear by this stuff ,usually get it at Northern Tool dented cans for about 6.00 bucks
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    Thanks for the info. I noticed with my last bike, metric, that having the right octane sure helped especially when pulling the grades two up in the mountains. Going to keep a bottle of boost on hand just in case.
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    I noticed the last time I was at the dealer they had a jar of capsules sitting on the parts counter that said they were octane booster. I thought it was a novel idea putting octane boost in a capsule but since I never use it I didn't investgate it any further, now I wish that I would have got the name and some details about it.
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    I sometimes add octane boost [when I remember]. I really haven't had a problem running the lower octane fuels. As a amatter of fact I can remember going to the Milwaukee rally and buying the lower octane fuel and having a pinging problem. It sounded pretty bad. But I usually get the mid grade or higher grade.
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    Just add a few oz's of Diesel to boost the octane and get you out of a pinch.