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    We had a gret time in Sturigs this year, always do. One day we headed down to the Rapid HD wanting to see the new models. (Mistake 1) Sitting there with all of 3 miles on it was the new '11 Road Glide Custom 103" black denim. :D:D What a beautiful bike. I'm standing there with my tongue on the ground. The Sales rep sees my ogling and comes over. We talk for a bit, he tells me I should throw a leg over it. (mistake 2) :small3d023: I think to myself, (EDIT) !!!!!, what in the world have I been missing. This thing felt like my leather recliner at home compared to what I'm riding now. Sales guy "Go ahead, start her up!" (mistake 3) :small3d023: I'm Hooked at this point.
    This is where I need some help. My current softail is my first Harley I've bought and tried to sell. He offered me 15,500 on my bike trade, I am in no hurry to buy, this may be a great deal...i just dont know. Is it worth trying to sell myself? any info appreciated.

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    That Sounds like what I go through from time to time...

    Just a few things to consider though...

    1.) Are you happy with your current ride?
    Sometimes just changing the looks of it can sway one's thinking

    2.) In this economy, is the purchase worth the effort? What's the dealer asking
    for the '11?

    3.) Sometimes "newer" and "prettier" doesn"t mean better...

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    I moved from a Deluxe to a RoadKing, the RK has a better ride and more bells. but I still love my (sold) Deluxe.
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    Did a quick KBB trade-in value inquiry for a 2007 Softtail Deluxe for my area and it showed $12,025.