Now it's the Harley I thought I bought!

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by DDogg, Mar 6, 2009.

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    First let me say it got to 67 today and I got to ride. A month ago I had my FXDF FatBob at the Dealer installing a SE a/c, KromeWorks 3" slip-ons, PowerCommander and I had it Dyno'd. Oh, my God. Not only does it now sound like a Harley, it goes like a Harley. The Dyno shows an increase of 10hp and 10 on the Torque. So, like I said, I finally got to take her out and see what the heck I paid for. It would seem that I would wind it out in 3rd at 30mph. Now, I hit 45 to 50 in 3rd and it just wants more troddle. The FatBob is a beautiful bike. But stock, no power and no sound. The total bundle cost me 1050. That included pick up and delivery. I'm glad I had it Dyno'd so I can see what increases were made. But that's on paper. In the saddle I can feel the increase. I'm also hoping it decreasing the temperature a little. Couldn't really tell on first ride. To dang exicted on the sound and power to notice any heat change. Plus at 67 degrees, it was perfect weather to let her breathe. I know each his own when it comes to sound and pipes. But if you have a stock FatBob, and want it to run, I recommend a Stage one. The 3" Krome Works slip-ons ran 279. Same looking as stock pipes but now it sounds like it runs, GREAT. Thanks for letting me brag a little.
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    Sounds like money well spend and you seem to be just a "little" happy with the results.:s
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    Congrats DDog and enjoy.
  4. DDogg

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    Extremly happy with the results. It's suppose to rain all weekend and then back down in the 30 and 40 so I'll have to wait a little while again before I get to smile again. And that smile goes from ear to ear. I appreciate all the knowledge I have received by joining the site. I would have never known about, let alone taken my bike to a Stage One if I didn't get on here and read the self help section and posts pertaining to exactly what I wanted to know and wanted to do. Glider, Smitty, Hobbit, and the rest of you guys have made me smile ear to ear.
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    Congrats on the upgrades DDogg! Sounds like your going to be humming and smiling for a while. People are going to ask you what your secret is!
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    Congrats all that matters is your happy
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    Feel like the first time,doesn't it?:D
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    Heck, it made me smile just reading about it, way to go DDog
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    thanks for the update on your mods. I also have a fatbob and was looking at doing the same thing with same parts. was just waiting for your ride report. sound like i,ll be spending some money soon. did the dealer supply and install all parts? Thanks and good riding
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    Yes the dealer did the install and Dyno. Since it was Feburary and the Dealer wasn't busy, for $1050.00 they picked up my bike and installed the SE a/c, KromeWerks Slip-ons, the power commander and they did a complete Dyno. They Dyno'd it before and after so I could see the changes. I also got in writing a warranty. This is one reason I had the Dealer do it. They told me if I have any problems, they would come pick it up no matter where I was and repair it. I know, I know, BUT I do have it in writing. This has been one Dealership I will always return to. They even let me watch as they Dyno'd it. They had it approx. 1 week. Again it was Feburary so they weren't busy. But yesterday was the first time I got to get it out after the mods. What a wait. I was riding it all night long in my dreams. My FatBob is now the Harley I thought I bought. Now, I think I'm due for a speeding ticket. Haven't had one in over 30 years.