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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ca_hoggin, Jun 27, 2009.

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    Recently my 2005 has been giving me nothing but problems. It started with my starter frying. When it fried, it caused my switches to fry. Then there was a flat rear tire which I took to a Harley dealership to fix. They replaced the tire but did not check all the spokes for tightness. So, I took a roadtrip down to Georgia where halfway through the trip my whole bike was all over the place. Once I got down to Georgia, we figured out three spokes were broken. Replaced those, but loaded the bike into a truck to return home. Got the tire checked and everything seemed fine. Went on a few puts around town. Then started a trip down to NC for a funeral when my tire went completely flat. So now my tube is blown with no chance to repair.

    I swear when it rains it pours. :(

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    When we have bikes that are 4 years or older, the maintenance routines are more critical, and "consumables" will require replacement and closer scrutiny. That said, many of the routine things are hidden...change the brake fluid and at the same time bleed them...moisture causes internal rust, those nice chrome metal tubes are still bare metal inside...for example.

    Do not take performance as the measure of whether your gear is okay...or lull you into skipping or taking short cuts, check that bike, as an aircraft officer checking his fighter aircraft every time he rides, and follows a routine/recommended service interval based on time, usage and as if his life depended on it. Many of us go a little overboard, but it never hurts to change the oil or check things a bit to be sure. :s
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    Sorry to hear you have had such a rough time of it lately:(. As long as you can roll with the punches, things will get better. Hang in there!:)
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    Stuff happens the more often it happens the better prepared youll be for it and the more able youll be to cope with it
    youve had a run of minor problems all fixable face the problems one at a time and get them sorted and youll feel better in yourself for doing so