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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by revok1200, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. revok1200

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    I feel lucky and blessed.

    I went from the hotel room this morning and my bike was still in the same spot I left it.

    The guy who parked next to me was not so lucky!

    When he came out this morning his bike was gone...someone stole it in the middle of the night.

    It was a nice custum deluxe. He said the forks were locked (no security system) but that did not stop them.

    My RG was right next to it, forks locked and a security system activated as usual and thankfully it was still there.

    Does have me nervous though about leaving it alone. thinking about getting some cable and a good lock and find a good pole or tree near by.
  2. israguard

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    Bikes are too easy to steal. Even those with the FOB. HD and other manufacturers must come up with a much smarter & tougher way to tackle this problem.
    Try stealing a BMW or Benz ?. you will never get another key for it.
    Unless ofcourse the bike is stolen strictly to be stripped and sold for parts.
  3. HDDon

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    I've told this story before but in case you haven't read it here goes. About 10 years ago while attending Daytona Bike Week the local police had a video they were showing on Main st. It was a short film on bike security and at the end of the video it had a biker pull up in front of a bar and lock his bike. Right after he entered the bar a pickup with 4 guys in the back, stopped at the bike the 4 guys jumped out and 12 seconds later they rolled away with the bike. The best security is to keep your bike insight, second best is to chain 2 or 3 bikes together with one or more having alarm systems. Bikes with security and GPS locators are maybe a little less likely to be taken, but in the end locks only keep honest people honest. Good insurance is the best bet. Stay safe, Don
  4. ironmark

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    When I am staying in a motel I use the disk brake lock with the reminder cord and if there is not a pole or something to run a cable around I will put the cable through the rear wheel and the main frame. If you have the smart siren on your bike that will help too. I also have the HD rechargeable alarm pager and I put the pager on vibrate and clip it to my T-shirt collar, that way if anyone messes with your bike the pager will wake you up. The harder you make it for the bad guys the better, make sure the security measures you take are easy to see. :s
  5. dbmg

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    Let the nervousness cause you to be vigilant.....:s
  6. israguard

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    Hi Ironmark,

    Regarding your comment " I also have the HD rechargeable alarm pager and I put the pager on vibrate and clip it to my T-shirt collar".

    Is this something I can add to my existing alarm I have now ?. The one that came with bike.

  7. RibEye

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    I have a Scorpio alarm that has a proximity sensor as well as various other sensors. The fob vibrates and screams if the alarm goes off. I can even kill the engine in case of hijack, up to 1/4 mile away. I have had a near hijack, mid-morning, on an isolate street corner. Guy just walked right up and got in my personal space, on my left. It was cold, so I was bundled such that I could not get to my Glock in time to stop an attack. The guy changed his mind before committing to the action, but I knew I was on the menu. I kicked myself all the way home for not putting the kickstand down and stepping off as he walked right up on me. it will not happen again.

    Now, in a case where folks are taking locked bikes, there are at least 5 of them (1 driving and 4 to load up the bike), and they are likely armed. Keep that in mind. Cables will not so much as slow them down. Responding in such a situation, come big or let it go. That is what insurance is for. I love my scoot, and would not want to build another one to my liking, but, in a situation where I could lose my life as well as my bike, I have to give a bit of thought.

    Basically, if you can make a bunch of noise from a distance and run them off, good. If you are going to engage them, make sure you have the horsepower to back up what you start. I can handle myself pretty well, but 4 or 5 guys big enough to load up a scoot in 12 secs, and me in a physical confrontation woudl be a good one for film. If deadly force starts getting threatened or used, remember you will have to justify it to LEO. In many states, "They were stealing my bike" is insufficient justification.

    Be careful out there.

    Rich P
  8. fin_676

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    As most of my travelling is with my wife i chain the 2 bikes together i am aware that 2 mins with a large angle grinder will cut through the chains it will deter the casual thief though

  9. ironmark

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    It sure is just go to your local HD dealer and pick one up. You will need the HD Security System Pager Receiver II, the battery powered pager HD part# 91660-06 is $69.95 and it runs on a 3 volt battery & you can get the Pager Receiver II - Rechargeable HD part # 91672-07 for $79.95. I have both pagers and I only use the rechargeable pager now, the battery pager need the battery replaced about every 30 days so you can go through some batteries, the rechargeable pager uses a wall charging unit to recharge it and the charge will last around 7 days. You just have to marry the pager to your bike and it is easy to do, no wires to hook up to or nothing it's a piece of cake to install. IMO the rechargeable pager is the better unit.
  10. GARVIN

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    when we travel I carry three cable with me . one goes rear thru frame & wheels front wheel & frame - third goes around anything solid that I park next to , also front forks & brake lock installed, the one cable has a motion alarm built into it.
    I also park right in front of the front door if possible & talk to security while locking it up .usually you can get close to a pole or tree .