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    12 I don't like to spread rumors...but here's a rumor I heard. :) While at Destination Daytona today, I was talking to a salesman who told me he heard that Harley had gotten a patent for their new water cooled system. Say's it won't be fielded for a couple of years but Harley has a system planned. According to him the radiator will be on the down tubes above the regulator and it will not only cool the engine but will also have water jackets around the head pipes to keep down the heat on them. He was telling methis as we looked at brand new 2012 bikes..not a lot new that I could tell. Anyway, I haven't done any research on this so take it for what it is. thought it was interesting.
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    Yeah I've heard the rumor. In fact somebody posted the actual patent on this site a few weeks ago. If I were a little more computer savvy I would post a link to the thread. I think we all realize Harley will probably go water cooled eventually. It's just a matter of when.
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    actually.... the patent was awarded in November 2009. the unit cools the head only, and has twin (small) radiators, siting in the vent are of the lowers.
    There was some discussion on another forum, of the value of a water cooled head, on an air cooled engine.
    it's an interesting piece of engineering