Not happy with local harley shops!

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    Ok, first of all i would like to thank (Glider) for the helpful info i saw on the self help tips area on this site!! Without that I would have never known I got ripped off at Harley.So here goes, my bike started acting funny Higher than normal idle,engine light staying on? So i bring my bike into local dealer and they tell me the po5o5 code could be a ton of things..and they will check it out. They call me the next day do ask if someone has messed with my bike??? fricken funny, No one touches my bike and it's kept under lock and key at all times!! They tell me someone has loosened the screw that goes to the throttle body on the E.F.I?..come to find out some 2007 models had issues with the screw coming loose, because the factory forgot to use loc-tite?..So i proceed to tell them that and there response is....they never heard of that through the factory?? (YA ok)...they ask where I got my info, and I told them Hd talking...And they basically said..."must be someone who know nothing about Harley's"...(I'm sure)..Never the less..they charge me $120 bucks to tighten a screw, and hopefully put loc-tite on!!...So I guess I have to find someone I can trust wont rip me when I need my bike fixed!!......Thanks Harley!!!
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    Talk to the owner about the charges if you bought it there.

    At least they didn't tell you "they all do that" :D
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    Sometimes I have to check the calander to make sure it's 2009. I've mentioned this forum everywhere from tire shops to Harley service departments and I always get that look that says, "you actually believe what you read on the internet? What a fool." I mean, these folks refuse to acknowledge that a combination of several thousand minds could actually produce a valid database of HD information. I think they simply hate it when John Doe (that's you and me) walk in and already know more than they do.
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    Thats a lot of it right there .. sometimes the info can be bad but most the time it is because you are better informed
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    An informed consumer is the dealers worst nightmare as long as you are right.

    That's why we are here :D
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    I hope my Topeka Harley Davidson stands behind a few issues I have. I've got a false neutral switch that is giving me fits, and I don't have a security system on my dyna, but my key icon is staying on all the time. I think they should stand behind their product, and I hope they will. Going to make a call to them, hope all works out.

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    If you are ever passing through SoCal, stop in at Bigg's HD in San Marcos. I haven't been disappointed yet. I just wanted to throw out a good story. I am sure there are other good dealers out there.
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    I have to add to you guys' gripes about Harley dealerships' less-than-acceptable knowledge about their product. I've given up letting even the parts counter guy look up stuff . . . he has yet to find something for my bike without my help (yeah, I do end up on the other side of the counter working the computer for the correct part number).

    Maybe we need a to compile a list of good shops/dealerships. There's 6 dealerships in my area, and I'll only allow 1 of 'em to touch my bike. It's about 1 hour away, but well worth the drive for reputable service.

    Bottom line: Do your research, have a part number in hand, and ask fanatical forum members for help if you feel you're getting shafted. My $.02
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    Anyone use My experience has been that if it isn't available there, it's obsolete. Prices are as good or better most times too.