Northern Virginia to Mt Rushmore and Sturgis

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    Getting ready to take my first ever long distance bike trip. Me and a buddy are leaving Washington DC area next Friday headed for Detroit area on the fist day to pick up a third. Next day we will start west riding as long as we feel like until we get to camping area at Mt Rushmore area. I'll be riding a 2011 Dyna Super Glide Custom and my buddy on a 2007 Fat Boy.

    Any tips, tricks and recommendations for a first timer are welcomed.

    What type jacket is best, mesh or leather?
    What's the best pack tent?
    Steeping bag or not?

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    Here is a link worth looking into. If I had to choose between leather and mesh I would choose leather.

    Motorcycle camping tents - Harley Davidson Community

    For any more info put whatever you are looking for in the search bar at the top of your screen and you should get more info than needed. Hope you enjoy your trip and don't forget the pictures :D

    Almost forgot, welcome to the forum and just realized you are from my old stomping grounds. Grew up in Dale City, VA. Lots of good riding in your area.
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    Howdy and welcome to the forum...

    I got my first mesh jacket last week before I headed across South Dakota in 100+ degree heat. I really liked it, the air flow through the mesh was great. You can get some pretty wild temperature swings in the Black Hills, so I would recommend bringing a leather jacket too. Don't have any advice on the camping stuff... not much of a camper.
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    thanks for the advice... we'll see what happens. No matter what, I'll enjoy the ride.
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    Leave watch, and cell phone behind. Do take camera. Drink water. And most of all enjoy yourself and make memories that last a lifetime....:s
    Have a great trip and be safe.
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    Again everyone, thanks for the great advice. I'll be sure to remember the hydrating advice for sure. Still a lot to do in terms of tent and assorted lite camping items. Want to make sure I have minimum of what I need for a nine day trip but it all has to pack into the HD pack/luggage as I am trying to NOT put bags on the FXDC just yet... We'll see....
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    As far as a sleeping bag We usually went to K mart in Spearfish and bought cheap air mattresses to sleep on, that way we could just toss them when we were done. It is usually pretty warm in the Hills at night, Tho I always travel with my leather, the weather out there can sneak up on you:s The Jacket doubles as a pillow:p