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    hey guys, ive been around japanese bikes forever (have had a vmax for quite a few years) but recently picked up an 08 electraglide. help me out here. i live in oklahoma so we see some extreme heat and extreme cold typically in the winter months and make several trips to texas as well. what weight and brand of oil do you folks recommend? the stock motor was upgraded to a 103 about 9,000 miles ago with 29000 miles on the entire bike. also, does anyone know of a particular oil filter that works well? i use kn filters on my vmax but not sure if they would be ok on this bike. part numbers would be a huge help too. thanks in advance :D
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    I have a '94FLSTC and an '05FLTRI. I live in Fl. and have an oil cooler on both bikes. I run Harley filters only and both bikes use 20W50 Harley oil (non syn). The '94 has 160,000+ miles and the '05 has 62,000+ miles. The syn oils seem to make the bikes run a little cooler, and there are many here that run Amsoil and Mobile 1 anoung others with no problems.
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    Welcome to the site! You will find an enormous amount of info on here regarding your question. Either do a search or use the self help section. Enjoy your new ride and stay safe! :s
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    Welcome to The Forum, See post3 for links to the self help section, you will find many answers to your oil related questions here:s
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    I changed over to Mobil 1 20-50 and did notice a little more upper end noise. I can live with a little more clatter as I do like syn oil.:D
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    The links Tank supplied have lots of info.

    For me, it's synthetics all the way. To compare the difference in how the two compare at low temps, take a bottle of syn and dino 20W-50 and put them in your fridge overnight. Next day pour them out and see which pours better. That'll give you a good idea of how much better a synthetic will pump as opposed to the dino in cold temps.