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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Rhys, May 30, 2012.

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    Gotta a brake noise, while riding it sounds like I am running with no brake pads, a constant grinding sound. But when the brake is applied the sound stops. I have good pads on front, so why would I hear this noise. Its just a constant "CHURRRRR" sound. Any Ideas?
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    need more info, what model, year etc. how many miles, when were the pads last replaced ?
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    Had the exact same thing happening on my '10 ultra. What I found is that pistons on one side of the right brake rotor were not retracting properly. I left it go long enough that I could see uneven wear on the brake pad. All it needed to correct was a good cleaning of the pistons on the caliper. I replaced the pads due to the uneven wear, now I keep a closer eye on this and clean up the calipers on a more regular basis.
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    A "grinding" noise? Almost sounds more like a wheel bearing to me. Especially if it's a grinding crunching noise that changes in amplitude when you change the lean angle of the bike.
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    Its a 2007 Roadking police bike with a 103 & 6 speed tranny, and has the dual front brakes. Its in the brakes them selves, because at any speed if you just barley touch the brake lever it completely stops the noise. The pads were changed around a 1,000 miles ago and look good, the dual front disk look good with no scaring on them. I was told that its from sitting to long and if I put some miles on the bike it would stop. I rode 70 miles yesterday, and the noise never stoped. The pads are harley davidson replacements. I have no build up on them, "road grim-rust-ect" that would usally cause this problem. So what do you think?

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    Some one will come up with the way to do this,,, It may be even in self help?

    If you remove the pads and put copper grease on the back side of the pad, IT Will help to remove the noise.

    Seems to me fin_676 used this method to remove NOISE off the pads...

    DON'T Just do it the way I suggested as it is WHERE you put the copper grease (anti-seize) on the back side that will help...

    Seemed there is something in the Big HD BOOK on noise from break pads and a remedy...

    Look and let us know HOW you got it fixed.

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    I think that perhaps you need to get the pads out and inspect the condition of the callipers
    as i do not have one of the modern bikes i can not give specifics on your brakes but by a general rule on brake systems clean the edge of the pistons use then brake leaver to push them out a wee bit and clean them i use an old tooth brush then push the pistons back into the callipers you should be able to push them in by hand or with a wee bit of help from a c clamp
    If however your bike has abs it is better to open the bleeder when pushing the pistons back in
    check the fit of the pads and that they do move freely in their respective places
    I coat the back of the pads with copper grease this will help prevent brake squeal
    and a wee bit of copper grease on any pins and moving parts within the callipers

  8. Jack Klarich

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    Remove the pads and inspect them, find some clean concrete surface and swirl the pads clockwise then counter clock wise , blow off the dust, clean the caliper pistons and rotors. Re install the pads with copper grease or NAPA Sil-Glyde Silicone Lubricating Compound 8 Ounce Tube: Automotive on the backing plates go for a ride and bed the pads in if this does not make the noise go away have a look at the bearings as Hoople suggested
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    Re: Noise in front brakes (05 road King)

    I have this same problem on my 05 Road King with 11,000 mi. When I am going slow off of a stop I can hear a dragging sound like the front pads are dragging on the rotors. If a barely squeeze the front brake lever the dragging sound stops.If I put a shim between the brake lever and the brake lever stop the problem would be solved. A shim is probably not the correct solution. Is there a correct way to adjust the stop? ..or is this dragging caused by some other problem? This is the front duel disc set up and is extremely dangerous if not operating correctly.

    Help :/
  10. Jack Klarich

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    Re: Noise in front brakes (05 road King)

    The brakes are set to un with very little clearance, so when you grab a hand ful you will stop, do you hear a slight buzzing sound? This would be the floating rotors if you have them