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    I'm a new member. I am really impressed on how helpful all of you are. Now to my problem.After 15 years of having no bike i decided to get back into it. I just bought a 2003 fxsti with efi. My other bikes where a 74 flh and a 77glide. Bike ran great for a week. Then it was hard to start but once warm no problem starting. Noticed ck engine light coming on like normal but then it would come back on then go back off. Did this for 2 days then died. Now no spark at coil. Checked wires with the plugs in (thanks for the tip) nothing. Ckd wires from coil to ecm with meter all rang out. ckd coil 3000 ohms on secondary. As someone who could work on old school bikes with no problems. I am finding all this electronics to be a pain in the (EDIT). I also tried to start diagnostics but could not get that to start. Used the spade lug as jumper across 1 and 2 terminals. nothing. Thanks for any help. She looks like shes heading for the shop.

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    Just to understand clearly, you say the engine lite comes on then goes off and them comes back on, correct ?

    Also when you say you ' tried to start diagnostics but could not get that to start ' , are you talking about the push button routine on the speedo ?

    Did it give any display at all when you did this ?
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    Did the ecm throw any codes? How about the battery charge?
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    If you have inspected, cleaned and tightened the battery cables, and have checked for codes you might want to check the CPS (Crank Position Sensor). Our Self Help Section will walk you through it. Welcome to the Forum. If you have a manual great, if not it's a great investment.
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    Thanks for all your help. I found the crank postioning sensor was bad. It was showing up as an intermintent code.
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    Glad you got if figured out :s
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    Good deal, glad you got it figured out. Thanks for reporting back as to what you found. May help someone else one day.