no left turn signals

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by HDblackandchrome, Oct 17, 2012.

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    It started out with the left front turn signal not working, then both front and rear left turn signals,then the rear driving lights also stopped working. I then noticed the security system lamp would stay on intermittently. When the security system lamp was off, it would go on and stay on when i tried to activate the left turn signal. My suspicions are this could be the turn signal and security system module. Does anybody have any thoughts on this problem.

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    If you have rear driving lights, you must have the HD conversion kit to do that. You have some TSSM trouble codes stored also. As a test, remove the rear parking light conversion adapter to see if the problem clears up. Now perform a WOW test on the speedo to extract the DTC codes you have stored. The codes will tell you what to focus on. Leave the adapter out of the bike until you get the lights working properly. Then re-install & see what the results are.

    Also check under rear fender for tire rubbing on wire harness.