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    in 1986 i lived in Denmark, they have a motorcycle call a Nimbus. these were made from 1919-1959, at that time (1986)parts were very easy to get. the Nimbus was made by a sowing machine company. they built 1 in 1919 and decided to put it out to the public, their first add said "order your 1920 Nimbus now, all 1919 models are sold out" they made two models the regular and the sport, the sport had fin tail pipes that is all. they are a inline 4, i almost bought one with a side car for 2K (that was the going price in 1986(, but did not. as far as i know parts are still readily available.
    have a look, this use to be what the postman, milkman, military, police, etc used

    YouTube - Nimbus
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    How cool was that! Man it has been a very long time since I heard that name.
    (well before 1986) Never saw one that close, Very cool with the exposed rockers...
    Only saw that once before on a Brough Superior SS100.
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    Very nice bike. I especially like the sound it makes when revved..
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    Thanks for the video. I hadn't seen one of those. Was that a flame seat? Too cool! thanks again