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    G'day all,

    Stinga here from good ol downunder, Merredin Western Australia in actual fact just Google Earth it to see were I am at. I drive Locomotives for a living and my ride is a 1999 Dyna Wide Glide.

    The old girl has just done 50k and I think I will pull the cam cheat cover off to check the condition of the tensioners, and if they need replacing I was wondering if I have to pull the plate off I would like to fit one of them Baisley oil pressure springs and the newer and better type of oil pump to my older 1998 cam support plate. The motor was rebuilt back in 2000 and Harley replaced the crank, cam plate ( PN 24598.99), oil pump, pistons, cylinders and they put in torrinton bearings and I had fitted AP TW 50 cams and quite a few other bits so as ya can see if the tensioners need replacing I would rather do them hoping that the new set will last till 100k and then maybe I will go for another upgrade up to say a 98' with gear driven cams.

    Whats ya thoughts


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    Sorry i cant give you an answer Stinga, but someone will.... Hello & welcome from south bend''''''indiana...u shure have a neet & scenic country... :59:
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    If you are up to it, I would suggest going with the roller chain conversion kit. This will give you the hydraulic tensioners, new higher volume oil pump, new plate, new chains, etc. But the question is does your current set up have bearings in the plate? If so, and you do not want to replace the cams, then you probably should just replace the tensioners with the hydraulic ones, the front silent chain with the roller chain and the appropriate sprockets, the oil pump, and the cam shaft support bearings in the plate. Obviously, new orings to seal the pump to the plate. While you have the plate out, it would be good to install the Baisley spring (LMR-002).

    To me this would give you the best bet to getting to the 100K you are looking for with the least amount of investment. But I still think it is a good idea of taking a peek at the tensioner shoes at 10K intervals just to be sure. Check these out:

    TQ's Engine Build - Harley Davidson Community

    Roller-chain Conversion - Harley Davidson Community

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    Thanks for ya replies yous blokes but I think I answered me own question and I will check and replace the tensioners if they need doin but its a bit like opening a tin of worms ya can tell whats it like in there till ya get the lid off but if things take a turn for the worst once I get in there I will have to make a choice as to which way I go, but I have payed my fair share of the Harley tax too this moment.

    TQuentin1: I will take ya advice and pull the cover every 10k and when the time comes I think I will go with the gear drivin cams for longivity and roller rockers to help reduce valve train drag or is that just a myth.

    Ultrat: Yep shes not two bad of a place to have a look around, Merredin is a wheat growin country so shes a bit flat and not to much to see ya better off goin down south or way up north or over to Tassie. Just one thing the truckin companies run around here with 110 ton road trains ( semi's with 74 wheels all up on the road) out here on the goat tracks that they call roads so it can get a bit interesting at times. Got a mate who's over your way he's down in Tennesses with the ZX club doin the Snake Mountain area I think ? he's been there a few times and I have seen the photos what a magic place.

    Any way thanks you guys would love to get over to your patch of dirt and haves me a look around one day.