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    Name is kenny James live in florida, have been riding now for 5 years. I currently own a 09 streetglide, prior to that I owned a dyna superglide. In the next year I will be looking to modify my streetglide with the following options.

    Raked front end with 26" tire
    dropped suspension
    extended bags with the wide rear fender

    Currently I am working on adding driving lights to my streetglide but having some questions which the forum wont allow me to post.

    So I guess Ill ask it here ok?

    I am trying to wire up RK passing lights to my streetglide that I was given from a friend.
    Problem is these lights have a huge orange plug at the end and I dont see anywhere to plug this in my fairing.
    Now the blinker wires off the passing lights are the same color as my existing blinker lights, however the passing lights have 2 additional wires "grey" that are in the harness as well.
    Now my question is this,

    Is there a way to wire these without interupting my existing wire harness. I really dont care to splice wires. Also I want to make sure these lights work on my own free will, including when my highbeam is on. I would like them to manually work off my existing ACC switch.

    Does anyone have an idea how to wire this up and work the way I would like them to work?

    THanks for any information.

    P.S I know there is a wire adapter for the lights to make them work independantley from the high beam...My concern is getting them wired up first.
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.
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    Welcome to The Forum
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    Welcome to the forum.:cheers