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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Swamp Donkey, Jun 14, 2016.

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    Hey gang . Attended the HD Riding Academy, was awesome and super helpful. But as a new rider I also wanted to ask people who have been around and have experience what advice they could give a new rider. I'm trying to be a sponge and soak up as much info as I can.
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    Welcome from Pittsburgh Pa.;)
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    Welcome to the forum from Scotland

  4. Jeff Klarich

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    Welcome to HDT from the Rocky Mountains.
    Keep to the less traveled roads for a while until you feel more comfortable with the scoot and your riding skills.
    Find a big empty parking lot and work on your slow speed turns.
    No passengers until you feel confident with the bike and your skills.

    Just a few things to get you started. Good Luck.
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  5. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The Forum, Practice is the key, 2 things are going to happen no matter what, you will get a flat tire and you will drop your bike at least once, it happens to us all. Good luck and ride safe
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome from Wisconsin.
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    Welcome to the forum from Suwannee, Fl. Jeff gave you some real good advice especially practice in the parking lot.
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  9. SledDog

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    Welcome! Head on a swivel. Wear the correct safety gear. Sure, you can look real cool in a T shirt and jeans wearing beanie (or no helmet). But even slow speed get off can really hurt you. Practice your emergency maneuvers. Quick stops, hard braking, swerve and avoid. All that good stuff from your class. Protect your lane. If in the right lane, be on the left side near the lane line. Same if you are in the left, be on the right side near the lane line. If in the middle lane, use all of it to protect yourself. Stay out of the center of the lane. Too much grease, oil, and other dropped fluids there.

    All the really cool stuff about cruising around is meaningless if you can't avoid problems.

    Remember PRACTICE!
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    Get a good monthly magazine or two that has a safety article published every month to keep safety fresh in your mind. Complacency is your worst enemy.....
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