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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Rabid Ranger, May 21, 2009.

  1. Rabid Ranger

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    I just bought, well on Tuesday, a new to me 2004 FatBoy (4K miles on it) to replace my Sportster....Talk about a difference between night and day. While I thought and still do think fondly of my Sportster, I have died and gone to heaven for the last 2 days and 200 miles on the FatBoy!

    I had to travel 120 miles to look at this bike and the minute I saw it and took a short ride it was over! I had ridden my brother in laws 2008 Heritage Classic and thought it was ok....but this lowered FatBoy with bells and whistles was da bomb! I can't stay off it!

    If I can ever get off it I'll post some pics and change my avaitar!

  2. Davidw2415

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    Welcome to the world of Fatboys. Hope to see pictures soon. Have fun, be safe.
  3. buck484

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    I love mine too and can't get enough riding time. Enjoy
  4. buddybr

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    Congratulations on the new bike. Ride safe and enjoy.

    Don't know if it a Fatboy thing but a couple in my HOG group took a trip on a Fatboy, came home, sold it and bought an 08 Ultra. The couple who bought the Fatboy in September, took a trip in April, came home, traded and bought an 09 Ultra the next week.

    I guess this means don't take your wife on a long trip on the Fatboy, or you'll be riding an Ultra quicker than you can say my back side is sore! :newsmile100:

    Seriously, enjoy your new ride!
  5. mqhybrid

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    I have a 06 fatboy i love it. but I only like riding it buy myself no exta riders. thats why a have the street glide now. i could never give up my fatboy.
  6. gregski

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    Once you go fat.......
  7. Fatwan

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    I'm in the UK - been riding for years all sorts of bikes. Just bought my first Harley - a 2007 Fat Boy - blown away. Just got to learn how to pass an HD dealer without buying more shiny bits.

    Desert Storm - brothers in arms

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  9. Rabid Ranger

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    I have been busy riding and working. I have not had time to comment about my Fat Boy experience. I have put over 450 miles on it and it is quite a machine. The only things I will add now are some road bars and a windshield both are on order and not from my local dealer who is strictly MSRP. I have a local source that matches places like Chicago Harley etc.

    I have yet to take some good pics. I have some but the lighting in my garage although good for working on stuff, (EDIT) for photos. Believe me I will post some soon as I am very happy and proud of this bike.

    For the Ultra folks....I went to the Fat Boy from a Sportster and a rather tall one at this bike is like a Lexus to me. I should post a pic of them side by side. Its like Mutt & Jeff. As for my wife she will only ride with me for short trips. She has had 20 back surguries. The last one was 9 1/2 hrs long. She really wants a TriGlide but for 32K with reverse.. is a bit much after the bashing my IRA has taken. One must eat when one retires.

    The Sporty is sold and I feel badly. I'm almost hoping that the young man who is buying it does not come up with the money Tuesday. Oh well I have a bad habit of holding on to things even when they collect dust. This too shall pass.


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  10. doc_63

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    My wife loves her Fatboy.

    And she's fond of her motorcycle also.