New to forum and hoping to get into riding, need advice

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  1. Rmk600

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    Thanks to Glider who suggested putting my post in this area.
    I am hoping to get into riding and am in the beginning stages of looking at Harleys. I am female, mid thirties, 5'9", 155lbs, in shape and not weak. No real experience on motocycles but own and ride atv (sport quad 525cc) and mountain snowmobile (700cc). ATV is clutch driven and I have driven a motorcycle before but a long long time ago. Went to HD dealership yesterday and sat on a lot of bikes. I loved the feel of the Fat Boy Lo but it is propbably not the best bike to start out on for a beginning rider. I will be riding to and from work (20 miles) and on weekends in a city setting (northeast). I have long legs so I can touch flat footed on most of the bikes i sat on at dealership.
    My question is what should i be looking for as far as a starter bike? The gentleman at the HD dealership was telling me that I could handle the Fat Boy, but other than I felt comfortable sitting on it, I am not sure if I should get such a big bike.
    Dont necessarily want to outgrow my first bike in a year either.
    I will be taking riding course in the spring, but would love to hear what people's opinions are for first bikes to a new rider.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Test ride all the bikes at the dealer and see what fits u best and fits the style of riding u will be doing trading up these days not a good idea the market is flooded make a good choice good luck and enjoy the riders course
  3. martin14

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    Do the course, and try every bike you can while you are there.

    And keep hanging around here, it gets busy in the winter. :)

    Welcome !
  4. Davidw2415

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    I would suggest looking at the Dyna's, but also I think size wise the Fatboy, Fatboy Low or the Deluxe would serve you well.
  5. maine-e-axe

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    Riding to work you might want something with bags for lunch, rain gear ect:s
  6. Fourdogs

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    Hi and welcome..I will tel you this! I started with a Road King, and of course still have it...but i was 58 and had never been on a bike in my life. When i got the itch i was at a Vietnam Vets and let me tell you when i seen a couple Vets ride up on their Harleys i was hooked. So i talked with them and they to made the mistake of getting so called starter bikes..and within months looking for something bigger. Special coz they wanted to do some serious traveling...they all warned me "Don't go too small" so that why i went with the Road King, and what I love bout the Road King you can do so much stuff to em ..i can change the look from a sissy bar to a tour pak in less than 5 minutes also from no windscreen to a windscreen to a pop on fairing for some great sounds...and a girl we know has also done some amazing add ons with her there so many choices i guess....Glad to hear you are gonna do the rider ed course. Just plz be safe...and the choice has to be your ok...Good Luck..btw..Hope to see ya on the road someday...and your will love this forum :cheers
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    my ol lady is like 5'4 and rides an 09 heritage . she had an 06 deluxe before that ,but rode a small metric for afew months just to get some time on the road.
    any harley is a good choice ;-) they offer some deals on sporsters 'ride 2yrs' and get full trade in but they realy arent any easyer to ride .a fat boy isnt hard to handle either and more comfy. good luck
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  8. jaceddie

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    Welcome! A softail is a easy bike to ride, but any new bike will be intimidating at first, but hang in there and in no time at all you'll feel like part of the bike. Also, as above, take the class.
  9. Rmk600

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    Thank you all for your responses. My heart wants the fat boy lo, I loved the way in felt when I sat on it and how low it was, easy for me to balance. I am just a little apprehensive as I will be on any bike I decide to get. I think I would grow into the fat boy and really dont want to have to trade up in a year, kicking myself for not getting the fat boy to begin with. I still have some time before the class, since I am in the northeast. I will take the class in spring and then really spend a lot of time looking at all the HD. Need to build up my confidence. I am looking for comfort, style and a bike that I feel will suit me for many years to come.
    Are there a lot of women running with Fat boys? All my girlfriends have sportsters but I thinking of trading up to a glide.
    Do you think HD will stop production on the fat boy lo, making them hard to find in the spring time?
    Thanks again for the replies, get forum and good people!
    Can't wait to start riding and getting into the HD community.
  10. Jack Klarich

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    No telling what Harley will do with each model Good luck with the decisions u make enjoy the safety course great place to start