New stock hd tire/tyre but?

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    Yesterday I took my 09 FLHR with 22,500 miles on it into Destination HD of Tacoma.

    I needed to have them check the run-out on a problem front brake rotor.
    It being Out more than the limit .012 and yes, replaced under warranty..

    Asking me about the front tire Needing to be replaced I figured While apart YES, do it.. I could of gotten about another 4/5 thousand out of it, it was smooth and enough tread yet in my book... Close enough for SAFETY.

    Looking at the front tire and also before I took it in that IT Was and IS ON Backwards from my way of My thinking.... Asking the question and got that "they all do that" now.

    The outside grooves hitting the pavement Before the center of the groove..

    You know what I mean,,,, a backward wishbone.....

    Looking here in the "Self Help" area showed the 09 front tires were CHANGED to run this way.. Saying they lasted longer and ran better..
    That was the short of it...??? anybody with More Information ???

    Getting 22,500 out of the front and getting Close to replacing the rear soon. I never thought I Could get that kind of Smoooooooth trouble free mileage out of the Stock HD tires/tyres

    I don't Bost of anything special on MY bike as others Must be getting the same...???

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    The '09s first came out with the 407 front with the tread pattern pointing in the direction that 'looked' correct, pointing so it would shed water away. Those tires proved to be very bad at cupping and wearing and were replaced under warrantee IF the owners insisted on it. Replacement is the 408 front with the tread 'backward'. They are lasting very well, handle very well and don't seem to have any problem with wet conditions even with the tread pointing inward.
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    Hey BUBBIE I know what you mean. I thought it was backwards on my 2010 also, looked at the side and it was going the right way (arrow on the side). So far been very happy milage wise. About 22,000 something from the rear and so far 33.000 something out of the front. The front is getting replaced next week as the weather is starting to get hot and the tire look alittle cuped. I will take it to the Honda shop and get it changed in Vegas as they only charge about $20.00 bucks to change the tire off the bike. I thought about getting a different brand but I am to happy with the origional tires.
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    As i remember back over the years there were in the past some motorcycle tyres that could be used as a front or rear tyre but the direction of rotation of the tyre was different between front and rear they had two arrows on the sidewall marked for front or rear
    Do not ask me the makes and models of said tyres i don't remember that far back that well

  5. dbmg

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    After only getting 19,000 miles on my 1st front and 3rd rear, though I got 10,000 miles out of second rear it might be beneficial to move up to newer framed bike. Cause if you guys are getting that kind of mileage that amazing.
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    I only have about 10,000 on my 09 and both tires still look pretty good, I would say better than 1/2 tread any way.
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    dbmg--I too have an '08 FLHT with 26,000+ miles. Replaced the back tire last year, still have the original on the front, and looks to last at least another 5000 miles or so. I religiously keep the tires at 36#'s, and ride solo.

    Scott in IL-'08 FLHT (The Mistress):)

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    No kidding around with the mileage.... Some have 31,000 and still going good. I don't know how much tread left as this is hear-say BUT, I'm not thinking it a story..
    AT First I thought it was UNTIL my bike.. Now my rear has over 3/32 and that is in its lowest center measure....Hmmmm lots left.

    I thought I could of gotten at least 4 thousand MORE (22,500 now) out of the front... I said after having 15,000 miles, I could get another 10 thous. out of the front.
    Now, I'm thinking I could of gotten More out of the front tire for a total of 30,000 miles...

    ONLY because it was Off doing the warranty of the rotor ,my thinking was ,,Change It...

    Now I wonder how much More it would of gone????? Ya but Safety first.

    I understand the rubber is special developed for Long wear.
    Hard on the bottoms and softer on the edges for good cornering...
    (this is ME saying this and take it as Hear say, but I think this is right..)

    The best I could get on my 150's on the dyna is 8/12 thous. on the rears and maybe 18,thous. on the front 110..

    Venom X , Metzler 880's and stock HD.
    HD's got the best mileage and both others out performed the HD's.

    (The above tires oversized for the FXDS as stock tires =140's and 90/100)

    ON my New Bike. 09 FLHR

    I just could not believe the mileage UNTIL i see the HD parts prices..

    The new front is 215$ and the rear goes for 270$ PLUS about 200$ to do the labor on both..

    SO maybe you better do the Math first...

    I have not checked any other places to get these Stock tires YET but will.. I used to get them changed at the Metric shop in Az.
    A lot of HD riders take their bikes in there for the big savings.. Ordering HD logo tire also from the metric shop....

    Ordering and changed by metric shop= 60$ less on the front with same HD logo tire and about 100$ less on the rear same HD logo tire..

    Prices compared from the HD shop charges on the Dyna and my 1200 sporty.

    Metric shop has Nice,clean, new style changer and balancer..
    Charging less $$ for labor and give discounts because you Bought the tire from them..

    Business is Brisk in Sierra Vista Az. lots of other than metrics there..
    Right around the corner and down a block from the HD Dealer...

    You would think HD would wise up but the don't.. tires over priced and labor way over priced..

    90$ an hour for a tire change person??? com-on HD give us a break.

    enough late-night blab..

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    Something don't seem right as I have a '10 FLHTCU with 9000 miles on it and the back tire is about 80% worn out. I maintain proper tire pressure always, mainly 2-up riding and am not hard on the throtttle. I am getting ready for a long trip a week from now (approx. 6000 miles) and there is no way the tire will go 1/2 that and need to change it out before leaving on the trip. I assume I have the same tires as you guys' 09's, not?
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    +1. I was thinking the same thing. They're reporting great mileage outta these tires.