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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by sbcvulcan, May 21, 2010.

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    Just purchased a used 06 1200 Sporty Low. I am 5'3". i am definetly flat footed when seated. The bike has drag bars with 4 inch risers. After riding for about 25 miles i found my lower back was stiff and my pressure points on butt where uncomfortable. the bike does have a mustang seat but i was scooted up on it to be less stretchedwith the bars. I am thinking the stock bars might need to go back on to help with reach or will 6 inch risers help? I want to enjoy riding the bike but i'm not comfortable. I have an old 1100 virago and i have no comfort problems on that at all. SOS PLEASE! thanks

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    Welcome Sbcvulcan to the HDTimeline forum good to see you picked a mighty fine ride. Basic layout of the low is using shorter shocks and lower front fork internals to get both ends down almost 2" from "standard" model custom and others. That said, do the bars look like they can be rotated in the risers to improve reach to the bar.

    Try to you take picture of the setup and register with Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket then download your pix and size it using their editor to 800x600 or less and copy the 4th IMG option and paste it into your will point to link on your account and your done! Let see that bad low boy...!:D
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    I have an 06 custom sportster the first thing is do you have a factory seat ? trash it
    spend the money for a good seat. It does make the difference. I bought the the touring
    seat for my bike and I have to OKLAHOMA twice from FLORIDA and my back and butt were great. Factory seats on sporties are only good for looks not comfort. My seat cost me 250.00 and was well worth it.
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    I rode for many years with a 'Sundowner', great seat, could go for days on the thing. Its also narrow enough at the front to plant your feet firmly on the ground.
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    There is a Mustang seat on this sporty. It would appear that a change in bars should change the relationship between shoulders, back and legs. You could measure from the middle or back of the seat on your virago to the end of the grips and try to get a set of bars that will come close to that. Or maybe the bars on the Sporty can be rotated, just make sure that they don't get so low that it puts pressure on your arms or back. You didn't say if the virago has a windscreen or if the sporty does as this can make for a much different ride.:bigsmiley28:
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    Every time I own a bike with drag bars, it causes me nothing but pain in the shoulders and back. I would change your bars out to different bars. I personally like the layed back bars and find them the most comfortable.
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    I have an 05 XL1200R with a Mustang seat and its good for looks but not comfort.

    I bought a Sundowner seat for it and it made a WORLD of different.
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    I know about tired and sore back, try buckhorns or something similar. I have one of the Mustang solo seats and all is well, at least in my situation.
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    How about the mini apes off a Streetbob?:D