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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Motopsycho, Apr 16, 2009.

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    Is replacing the cam chain tensioner shoes on an '05 RKC a job I can do myself? I do a lot of my own service and the manual photos make it look fairly easy but I don't wanna get in over my head. If I end up taking it to the HD dealer is it gonna cost me an arm and a leg? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :s
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    Not real tough, but you are going to have to pull the plate to get to the inside tensioner. Follow the book especially when going back together. Pay special attention to aligning the oil pump.

    While you have the cam chest gutted, make sure you check that the inside cam shaft support roller bearings are the Torringtons. If they are the cheap ones that Harley puts in, it is a good idea to change them. I have some pix of that here:

    TQ's Engine Build - Harley Davidson Community

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    Thanks for the input, gentlemen. For piece of minds sake, i'm just gonna bite the bullet and go for the hydraulic tensioner, fuel pump, bearing, etc... upgrade. The job is too involved for me to do myself, so HD will be doing the work for a hefty $1200.00. I just wish HD woulda somehow informed of this issue instead of hearing it through the grapevine. You guys rock and this site is worth its weight in gold. Thanx again
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    I know that it's a tought nut to hadle, the $1200, but trust me, it's worth it. I just finished doing the roller chain conversion on my '99 Ultra, adding a set of Andrews cams, a Big Sucker air cleaner, a TFI unit, a set of SE adjustable pushrods , replacing the inner cam bearings with the Torrington units, and adding an oil temperature gauge.
    I was able to do the work myself and it ran me just about that much. No more tenrioner worries, and oil pressure to spare. With the old setup, I was about 100 miles away from a total tensioner meltdown, they were so worn. In addition, with all of that tensioner particles floating around, the oil pressure was non existant after an hour run. I just got back from a two hour spin, oil temp at about 210 degrees, and oil pressure at 32 pounds....