New shifter peg won't stay tight/stripped torx - HELP!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by DaveInPA, Jul 28, 2008.

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    So, I have issues, and I need help! Here goes:

    I bought a new shifter peg (the HD diamond plate one). It came with a torx screw with some yellow thread locker on it. I put it on the bike, and tightened it down good. The thing won't stay tight. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the dang thing almost fell off while I was riding home tonight.

    So, I took it off when I got home and put the stock shifter peg back on the bike. Wellllll in the process of doing that, I stripped the torx screw for the stock peg reallllly badly.

    So, now I have these questions:

    1. How do I get the stripped torx off the bike?

    2. Would red loctite do a better job of holding the screw for the new shifter peg?

    3. Should my HD dealer have the screw for the original peg in the shop in stock or will I have to order one?

    God, I feel dumb. I hope you guys can help!
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    Dave, I think 1st you're probably going to have to remove the shift lever and get it to apot where the striped torx is readially accessable. Clamp it in a vise so that you can work with it.
    If the torx isn't too bad, you may be able to try a new torx bit and it might bite. If not, then you will have to try some other method of turning it....cut a slot in it, try a hex bit that is close in size, or the next size up torx....might have to drive them in...or, drill out the head.
    Dealer should have the correct size fastener...make sure the fastener is the correct length and is not bottoming out in the peg and not allowing it to tighten completely.
    Red locktite should help.
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    I need to look at that screw when I get home. I think the stock peg might be a hex screw, not a torx. That would explain the problem . . . . *sigh*

    It's really a bummer that the new peg wouldn't stay tight. It looked great and felt a lot better than the stock peg. I'm hoping red loctite does the trick. The yellow stuff on the bolt that came with the peg just doesn't cut it. It came loose and almost completely out on a 15 mile ride.
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    Just the peg. No pic . . sorry. I'll try hex wrenches after work today to see if the screw will still come out. I'll try red loctite on the new peg if I can get the stock one back off now that I boogered up the screw.
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    I had dropped my bike...thankfully no major damage, just an excuse to buy some new parts. One of the things that was ruined was the shifter peg. Best bet, just take the shift arm off, bring it to your work bench and stick the peg in a vise then twist. Most likely your ruin the peg, but if the screw is stripped, mine as well kill the rest too.
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    Glider suggested this

    Use a drill bit equal equal in size to the torx head and drill just enough to remove the head. The piece should slide off leaving a stud. Use vise grips to remove the stud.
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    The reason is probably wont stay tight is because you stripped or crushed the splines on the shaft. If you replace the shaft it should go right on and tighten up nicely.