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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tommys, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. tommys

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    With the stock seat the edge of the windshield hits me eye level, it really bugs me while riding. It can cause me to get tired really quickly. I'm constantly adjusting to look over the top or thru the windshield. My wife has her own bike but when we go to places like Sturgis she rides with me. She said that the stock passenger seat is VERY uncomfortable. So I thought that changing the seat out would fix both what seat do I go with????:D
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    In my opinion, and that of many others, you should be looking just over the top of the shield. That way you get most of the protection but not the visibility problem in rain or if it fogs up or even if it simply isn't very optically true.

    If you're talking about a lower seat, this will not accomplish that. However, it sounds like you need a new seat regardless to satisfy your passenger.

    I would get a seat that makes both of you happy. Then look into a lower shield or actually cut it down some.
  3. HarleyHarry

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    Can't remember where but there's a detailed guide on cutting down the screen somewhere in "The Glider's encyclopedia of all you wanted to know about your ride"
  4. Caper

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    I find the Mustang seats sit you a little taller in the saddle,anyone else?? Your wife would like the touring version for your model and it may solve your windshield height issues too.
  5. wildman9

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    Just a thought, but why not cut the bottom of the shield and then use the discarded piece as a template to drill the 3 holes for fastening. It may be easier.
  6. horizonchaser

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    And neater too with the top edge preserved and the radius top intact.
    Good thinking Wildman!!
  7. wildey

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    What I did on my 06 Ultra was take the windshield off the bike and took it to my local glass shop. $20 and they cut it down where I wanted and kept the same radius too.

    I would not try to save so little money by doing it youself. You might have to call a couple glass places as some do charge more than others. But the one I went to said it it was still to tall to bring it back and they would trim more off no charge till it was right.

    Sometimes trying to save so little costs so much more later.