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    Hey Guys :
    Have a 2003 Ultra that the seat is just a killer on my butt , After about a hour all i wana do is get off this thing , So ...... Ordered a new Sundowner seat from the dealer and tried it out , way better than stock , but , looks lower and smaller in the rear for the warden , Cant have the warden unhappy back there , or there will be no extra privaleges allowed for the guy up front . Was just wonderin how others have made out , the other seat that i was looking at was a seat made by Russell Cycle , looks like a real long distance seat , or the ultimate Harley seat the road zepilin air seat .We are not small folk , but not large either . At this point price isnt a concern , comfort is.

    Any thoughts would be great . Thanks Guys
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    talk to allen at Mean City Cycles they have a mod for the passenger seat where they can add an inch or so on each side of the passenger seat. They're very reasonably priced, do good work, and if you do it during the summer they have a fairly quick turn around. They get tasked pretty have once people start parking for the winter.