New Rider at 49 - Advice?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by jreale, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. jreale

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    Just took a HD Rider's Edge course and feel even better than going into the class about moving forward with taking on riding, albeit late in life. I have heard conflicting comments around starter bikes. I want to keep up and add to the skills I just learned, so I want to get a bike sooner than later. I can't afford my dream bike, a Harley Softail Deluxe, so I am considering a 883 Super Low. At this point, I would hope that I can get a year out of the bike and then get a decent trade in value after a year. Or would it make more sense to get an older Softail now? I know there are a lot of factors and that I need to confirm any fit but just wanted to get some general direction.
  2. TXMikey

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    Welcome Jreale! You're going to enjoy riding, and learn a lot on this forum.

    My wife and I both started riding in our late 40s, and started off on metrics because we thought a Harley would be too heavy to start with. I've since decided that was a wrong assumption.

    My only recommendation to get a bike that fits you and feels comfortable. You will ride more and build your confidence quicker if you feel comfortable with the bike.
  3. TripleJ

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    Maybe rent each one for a day a see how you feel about them after you have a chance to ride both :D
  4. nakkers

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    I'd definitly look at a local demo ride to see what fits. The Deluxe and Sportster have completely different handling characteristics.

    Sportsters have a long and strong following. But, they are not for everyone nor, are they the most forgiving to start out on.

    In today's economy, I would imagine there is quite a few good quality examples of either model that have already been upgraded with add-ons and modifications. You just need the patience to look out for them and make a deal that works for you.

    Good luck with your seach and let us know what you end up deciding to go with.

  5. gator508

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    Welcome to the family.
    TripleJ has given some good advice. Don't get into a big hurry to buy until you have had a chance to ride and see which model really fits you. You will end up saving in the long run. IMHO. good luck!!
  6. Ishmael

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    Congrats on the new addiction. I know it's hard to be patient, but there are loads of great used bikes out there. Try a number of them and before you know it one of them will call your name. Good luck with the search, which in itself will be fun.
  7. trickydoc

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    I agree with "TXMikey". Started on a Suzuki 800cc bike because I thought a HD would be too big and heavy for me to handle. Wrong. After getting a Ultra Classic, I found it handled better and was better ballanced than the smaller, lighter metric bike. get the bike you want. Find a place to take the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) course. they offer 2 different classes. The BRC 1 and BRC 2. the first is for beginning ridders or ridders that have been off bikes for several years. the other is for ridders that have been ridding for a while and just need a refersher course.
  8. masher

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    I just started riding two years ago at age 43, and I was told by many people not to start with a Harley because it would be too heavy and too expensive if I dumped it. I set out trying Hondas, Yamahas, etc. but none of them felt comfortable to me. I finally decided to try some Harleys at demo ride at the dealership and found that the Crossbones fit me perfectly and I was much more comfortable riding it than any of the other bikes I tried, so I bought it and haven't regretted it for a second. TXMikey is right when he says find one that feels comfortable, whether it be a Harley or something else.
  9. r44s

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    These guys are correct, try as many as you can before deciding then ride as much as you can after getting the "ideal" bike.
  10. BUBBIE

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    Find the RIGHT model of HD that FITS you for ride and style.. and Then look at your $$ allowed NOW,,, and Shop for a usedlow mileage bike of that Model and Not worry about the year as much as $$$ for condition and mileage.... IF you find a nice used one for now HEY, You might just keep it for a long time..

    Don't get FOOLED by some one saying a Sportster is a woman's bike.. Yes it is but Not in the sense it is a Weak bike.. They do ride Tough/Stiff and It is a great Flat tracker used for racing for many years.. Hence SPORT

    That is where they first became popular, on the track...

    I have owned a few 883/1200's(now a 06 sport 1200R) BUT Would AGREE with the many posts above..

    Get the Bike That Fits You and You will be farther ahead..Learn on the one you will ride..:D