New Respect for Vespa Riders

Stupidity at it's best. Guess he doesn't know what he could loose here:D

Most of the pics on that site look like candidates for Darwin Awards. But, seriously, you gotta give 'em credit for getting the most out of their scoots!
One word for this---->WOW!:no

I was in Puerto Rico last week for business, they are nuts on there bikes over there! lots of metrics and scooters, only saw 2 HD's on the road. They will split 2 cars @ 100mph and pass you on the left hand shoulder! They loose about 100 riders a year on the island I was told and I could see why first hand, should be way more then that...
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When I ask what kind of boots everyone rode not one of you said sandals :s What gives? Come on fess up you know you do? :shock