new pegs and grips

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by tlg1100, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. tlg1100

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    I did a search and thought I would try asking??grips on 08 heritage, left it held on with glue or left side control.. kinda like throttle side..been told both???Put back pegs on wifes deluxe and they keep falling down after 10 miles or so on highway. have same pegs on my bike no problem they are h-d pegs?Have d washer in there just like my bike. Been advised to put bolt and nut, but like to keep it with pin and clip but the bolt would probably be easy compared to pin and clip Thanks
  2. Mattman4403

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    The left grip is glued on and held on with a flange.
    As far as the pegs, not sure. I am on a bagger, there is a little ball detent in the mount to hold them in the up position.
  3. tlg1100

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    thanks for quick response,on my old bike it had a ball detent thing,on this it has a d washer that has a slight bend in it I guess to hold it up???Dont have grips yet but will soon Thanks again
  4. gator508

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    The left side grip is glued on, or at least should be. It can however be removed with a heat gun and a lot of twisting. Never thought the d clip was a good idea for peg mounting. Bought Kuyakyn pegs for my ride and went with chrome bolts and chrome lock nuts to mount them, never any prolems coming loose.