New Passenger floor board fitting

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by wiseysboots, Nov 17, 2015.

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    Hi There, I recently sold my Honda VFR 1200 and purchased a Heritage Softail deluxe 2005; so I am new to Harley Davidson and this forum; so please accept my apologies if I am asking stooopid questions!

    I want to change the passenger foot pegs for floorboards and have purchased all the necessary from HD - however the brackets that fit to the bike frame are different depths, a short stubby and a longer one. Does anyone know which goes on the Left Hand side as you look at the bike - over the exhaust or the right hand side - gear change side.

    I must say the instructions that came with the kit leave a bit to be desired. Any advice or help gratefully received.

    Thank you
    Steve J
    London, England
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    Welcome to this forum Steve. I am CERTAINLY NOT a smart or wise man and dont mean to imply youre not. Just a little tidbit of info for you. I was taught a very long time ago - if you can determine the front of the bike - then you know the rear also. ALWAYS when you orient the front and rear you also then know left and right. Sit on the bike - you are facing the front and the rear is behind you - then left and right is simple. The gear shifter is on the LEFT side of the bike - you shift gears using your left foot, and the exhaust is on the RIGHT side.

    Now I seem to recall the passenge floorboards have two fasteners. One is located in a slotted hole and is for vertical adjustments. just loosen the other bolt and slide up or down and retighten to secure in another bolt hole. I hope this makes sense and helps a little bit. Both sides have the same hardware (bolting)(as far as I can remember) Good luck with the install