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Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by zeeracer, Nov 17, 2009.

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    Hello all new posting here but have been lurking gather info for awhile, great site lots of info. kudos to Glider, Hobbit among others. So I got an 09 Heritage and finally got some new parts. I got a TFI, V&H Big Shot Longs and A/N Big Sucker which I hope wasn't a mistake after reading some post lately. Looking at the TFI instuction it says to disconnect the O2 sensor so I am thinking I should just put plugs in new V&H pipes. Question should they be stainless plugs and should i put thread sealer or locktite (color?) on them and where can I get stainless plugs if thats the best kind. Any help to the newbie would be great as I am going to try to do this upgrade myself as soon has I find time. Thanks all
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    best thing to apply is anti seize and use a new crush washer, leave the O2 sensors off rather than tieing up the wiring. most exhaust shops should have the plugs in stainless or be able to get them they will be common to some cars o2 sizes.