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    I recently ordered a new console for my 2010 road king fuel tank . I waited a week for Harley to call me and say it had arrived. when I went to pick it up I opened the box and to my surprise the chrome looked like it had been in a cat fight. it was scratched so bad the only thing to do with it would have been to toss it in the dumpster out back. just exactly where is quality control and who is the idiot that supposedly boxed this part and shipped it as a quality inspected part. I bought a Harley thinking wow this is a quality product and I should expect each and every item I buy a part, etc. that beings it is supposed to be a quality inspected Harley part it should arrive in nothing less than perfect condition. considering Harley and all the Harley owners have bragged for years how they are the best and as well this part costing me almost $200. before I bought this road king I owned a Honda vtx 1800. I had purchased many parts and accessories from the dealer without one blemish scratch, etc. now I have to wait another week for a second console to be delivered and as well wait and see if this one shows up the same condition. if this is Harleys way of impressing a new bike owner then maybe I need to return back to a Honda which is a better product all the way around. so much for Harley Davidson quality control. even the dealer tried to make up stupid excuses as to why it came destroyed. like anyone can excuse that. all I can say is what a big disappointment and obviously the problem still exists because If it didn't it would not have arrived damaged. I find it a serious problem I received a piece of junk for a brand new factory part. and your dealer even tried to sweep it under the rug. my question is who doin who? because somebody just did me a piece of junk.
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    Sorry to hear about your problem. I to have had issue with HD parts. I spare everyone the rant, but I was seeing red to. I will say, 98% of everything else I have purchased was as expected. I do consider most all of HD parts WAY over priced and I now have no issues with buying or using other manufacturers products. It's a choice and there are many out there.

    That being said, this is the greatest resource out there for checking out a part, clothing, or anything bike related. Ask about the item you are considering. Chances are 10 people are very knowledgeable and will give you their, shall we say unvarnished opinion of it.

    I hope you have better luck with the next part.
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    Gotta love the first post HD bashers:cry
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    Sorry to hear about your problem,I purchsed many Harley parts
    never had a problem. Hopfully it will be right this time. good luck
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    the new bikes are pretty cheesey i think. my evo is a much better buildt bike than this new 12 street glide. even the chrome on the evo is better. and it's 20 years old.