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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by rxman, Sep 9, 2009.

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    First of all, thanks in advance for the help. Sometimes it seems like its hard to get a straight answer but maybe you guys might be able to point me right.

    First, I just bought a 2007 FLHT with 4800 miles on it. back story: a guy bought it, got it repo'd and another guy bought it. He ran into financial troubles and I bought it off him for a steal of a deal. It does have the handle bar controls for the radio.... but no radio. I have been looking and am trying to go stock so i can use the controls, and put the money saved (instead of buying a new one) on other goodies. My question is, on ebay, generally they list 76160-06 as the Harley-Kardon radio and state that it will fit touring models '06-newer. However, that number will not pull up doing a search on the Harley Davidson website (to double check). Maybe this is the wrong forum for this, but I was wondering if anyone could help me with this? Also, was wondering if a service book and owners manuel were available outside of purchasing them new from the dealer.

    So new at this, and do not want to make mistakes. So again, thanks again for the help.

    --RxMAN :mgun
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    The Tank has the right answer for you. You get a better radio for less money and still use the handle bar reote controls
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    You would also be able to use 4 ohm speakers and I believe there are adapters available to be able to use 6-61/2 speakers.
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    Good advice from others on the radio, better radios less $$. The # you listed comes up "radio uncalibrated" when I searched, $909. My '07 catalog shows 76412-06 as the H.K. for '07's at a cool $1k. As for the owners and service manual I have not found another source than H.D. dealers, but I got mine from either Latus or Chicago H.D. and saved a couple of bucks, including shipping. Whatever, get the H.D. service manual, don't waste your money on others, there is too much specific info. esp. wiring diagrams.
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    I agree 100% :newsmile090: Go online to chicago HD or Surdyke HD and get 20% off anything you order.
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    As for the radio, the Biketronics package is good but only works with Sony Radios. HogWired has a better kit that will work with several brands. I also like the mounting system with the HogWired, its a stamped steal plate, the Biketronics is some form of composit mounting blocks. I have installed a Biketronics kit and used a Sanoy radio my friend had and his handlebar controls will not work. Now for the service manual, check E-Bay. I found one on CD for cheap with free shipping. $13.99. My scoot is older than yours and manuals are more available. Worth checking out.