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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SunPilot, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. SunPilot

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    Good morning everyone. I am a new member to this forum and I wanted to say hello. I have been reading some posts here and you all seem like a very nice bunch of people.
    I just bought a 2009 Street Glide in vivid black. I got the security system, cruise, and anti-lock brakes. I am picking her up tonight if the rain goes away. Yes, I am excited. I traded my 100th anniversary Road King in for this baby. I rented a new S Glide in Louisiana last month and really loved it...guess I loved it so much I came home and bought one. LOL Well, now I have to read all the posts to see what mods and upgrades I need to make. I had a Mustang seat on my RK and it was wonderful. In fact, I will be putting it up for sale on Ebay. It is like new. I was hoping it would fit the new bike, but no way. I also need some pipes, and probably a way to alter fuel. My RK had Rhinehart True Duals, so may go that way. Not sure yet. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Hope to hear from you guys.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    My only advice is much easier said than done - take your time and don't rush into throwing money at your new bike. Ride it for awhile and really get to know it. A one day rental is enough to tell if you like a bike but not enough to form judgements on thousands of dollars worth of mods. The 09's, as you probably know, had many significant changes that may result in you being happy with the current exhaust system if you're just worried about the heat.

    If it were me, I'd start out with the personal comfort items - seat, backrest, grips, highway pegs. Then I'd start thinking about a cost/smile analysis as far as pipes, speakers, fuel tuners, and other such "nonessential" items.

    Good luck, have fun, and keep us up to date as you spend money keeping HD and the aftermarket folks in business!
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    I have abot 3400 miles on mine and the only things I have done so far is change the windshield Klockwerks, put a windshield pouch and replaced the stock speakers. I have a stroked (106") roadking as well. I was going to change the aircleaner and pipes, but they are cracking down in my area on pipes and some local cops have been instructed to ticket any Harley with other than stock pipes!

    I have no complaints on how the bike runs, no problem getting up and going over 100mph if I want.

    Have fun and enjoy:D:D
  4. whatyardwork

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    I have an 08 FLHX and couldnt be happier!Sounds like you already know the drill..stage 1, pipes and a tuner.My only advice is to look at speekers for those new tunes and perhaps a real windshield.The best 2 items Ive bought so far are Hogtune speekers for $110 and a 6.5 Klockwerks screen for $150.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Welcome SunPilot, you will have a great time with your new 'Glide! Get a few 1000 miles on her before you decide on modifying anything. As Dr.D said, riding a short distance was enough to sell it, now that she is in hand, really get a feel for what you like, and slowly you will find if comfort mods are needed. Much of the '09's appeal is the added power, handling and thermal management mods, while still meeting more stringent EPA and government restrictions. Make sure that if you modify anything related to performance mods that you keep the take-offs as regulations are getting tighter on what aftermarket parts are actually legal, especially exhaust and A/Fueler mods. And once you get a few posts in take some pictures...we all would like to see her! :D
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    Welcome aboard...I also have a 09 motor mods yet just a clearview recurve windshield...I just logged 9,000 miles after some trips out west and up to maine. Great ride no complaints. Keep us posted about your upgrades and post a photo....I would but I dont have a clue. Have fun!:s
  7. TXMikey

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    Welcome SunPilot! You're gonna love the Street Glide. I've got the 08 model, and understand the 09 is even nicer. One thing that is certain about this forum; it definitely helps you lighten the wallet. :bigsmiley22:

    I second the recommendation of Hogtune speakers. I would also suggest the Clearview recurve windshield, Sundowner seat, and a driver backrest for long trips. For comfort, you might also consider the floorboard extensions. They move the floorboards out about 3/4", but make a big difference in comfort. The one-piece visor bezels for the headlamp and turn signals are a nice compliment to the bike's lines.
  8. biged8

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    good buy.i am thinking of getting one and trading in my 04 r.k
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    Welcome to the H-D Forum and congrats on the new ride.

    I agree with the other guys on this post, take your time to select the right upgrades for your style of riding and the sound you want. I have a 2008 FLHX with 18,000 miles now and love it. I eventually added V&H slip ons, fuelpak, air filter and happy with the way the bike performs and sounds, but this is a personal preference.

    However the first thing I had to do was to install a slightly higher windshield to reduce the "Wind Buffeting". It's also the least expensive of all the above noted upgrades!!

    Good Luck.
  10. SunPilot

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    Thanks for the input guys. I had the bike since Friday evening and only have 290 miles on it due to rain here in the northeast. Can't wait to get more miles on her. I think I will take the advice I received from a lot of you to wait a bit before I make any changes. It is hard to curb your desire to change, however! LOL I am thinking about Rinehart slip ons for exhaust. Maybe a chrome front end, definitely a Mustang seat, and down the raod a bit...maybe a few months, an engine upgrade. I talked to a shop on Sunday and they were telling me the difference between 103 and a 107 kit they use. The 103 with a good set of polished heads, the right cams, and a good fuel map make a lot of sense to me. I love torque, so I may go that way. BTW, I did want to mention one thing about this bike. I feel the factory exhaust is rather a nice sounding item compared to earlier Harley factory exhausts. They are starting to come around a bit it looks like. Now if they could include a decent seat and a chrome front end, then we're talking! I will send some pictures after I get my five posts. Thanks again for the help.