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    Ok. I just bought a new King Cobra LePera seat for my 2003 Softail Standard. I had it made custom with flames stitched on it. I love the looks and the riding position it puts me in but I do not love the fact that I have pressure spots after only riding 50 miles. I paid a lot of money for this seat to only use it once in a while.
    Is there a break-in time for this seat? I know it has very little padding. I prefer a firm seat. My other bike has a Corbin on it and that one feels cushy compared to the LePera.
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    WOW, I use corbin seats and to say it feels cushy compared to the LePera is making a statement. The corbins state it takes about 1500 miles of seat time to get the contours adjusted to yours. Possibly the LePera is about the same. Contact the company and see what they say.
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    Actually is a good thing if the seat when new seems a little "stiff", imagine those who are comfortable "out of the box", one year later I would really question whether it really is firm enough after break-in.
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    I guess I will begin the break in process Thursday when I leave for the PA State HOG Rally. 220 miles to the Rally all weekend riding and 220 miles home on Sunday. I can just feel my aching bones now.
    I also am having a Max Comfort seat pad sent 2nd day air. I sure hope it is here by Wednesday night.
    My husband has a Butt Buffer and it helps some but I can't move around on the seat because the seat pad is "gushy" and moves too. The people at Max Comfort say theirs is not and I will be able to slide on it. They also said if I am not happy with it I can return it. :D I like that!