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    Hello all,

    I am a Marine SSgt who used to make fun of bikers especially HD riders (sorry). That was before I picked up a $500 bike to learn on. While commuting was its primary purpose, I found it a blast and was always looking for excuses to ride. I laid that poor thing down twice (both animal related) and spent some time on crutches, but still wanted back on as soon as I could. I guess I am hooked on it.

    So I am taking the wife out to a movie and we spot a bike along the road. I had joked about getting a new bike and my wife says to stop and look at it. So I do and as soon as I see the HD on the side I know I would never see it in my garage. However the wife badgers me to call on it and then to look at it with the owner. Then she sat the back seat and decided I HAD to have it.

    My old '77 Yamaha XS650 was good to learn on for a couple years and dealt well with everything a new rider can throw at it. I won't say anything bad about it, but a Sportster almost 30yrs newer simply out classes it. So it is already sold and replaced with the '05 my wife fell in love with.

    I don't plan anything big with it. She looks good just the way she is and I am sure the Screaming Eagle gear helps it completely blow away the little 650's power. I am sure I'll find something to tinker with though. It is what I do. It feels less sure on the corners (the XS was heavily modded), but it is only my second bike so it could be me there. Definitely, worlds ahead in comfort and smoothness in the ride though.

    Hopefully, I don't bug you all with questions. I want to know everything about the bike and how to get the most out of it. I am electrically and mechanically skilled as a maintenance guy and mechanic on the civilian side, but hope I don't need to use much of that skill here.

    SSgt Clayton
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    Welcome to the forum and thanks for your service! Alot of knowledgeable people here who are oozing with info and willing to give it. Welcome.
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. Ask away, you won't bug anyone with your questions. Great info and people here willing to help.
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    Welcome to the Forum from Virginia.
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    Welcome to The Forum, Thank you for your service, You are part of a Huge Self Help Section and a Great Community of bikers helping bikers, No problem too small for us to handle, Do not be shy:rider:wce
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    Welcome from Louisiana!:)
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    Thanks all!
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    Thank you for your service, welcome from Georgia!
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    Welcome to the forum. We have a great self help section and some really smart people who know Sporsters.
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