New Hampshire House bill on helmets

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  1. ricktara

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    Has anyone seen the newest list of bills currently pending in NH. I work in an auto dealership so I read in our NH auto dealers newsletter about upcoming bills in NH and was shocked to see the following one pending:

    "HB 1162 requires motorcycle operators to wear protective headgear"

    It used to read "under 18" but they are attempting to take that out. What happened to good old "live free or die" NH? I guess they will take that slogan off our license plates as well next.
  2. gasbag

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    I worked in radiology, mostly ER and surgery. I can tell you first hand that brains look much better when they are contained within the skull.

    In over 20 years I can remember only about two accidents where the rider was wearing a helmet and they died from head injuries. Neck and internal injuries, blood loss sure, but not the head. Even bicycle riders who didn't wear helmets suffered fatalities from head injuries alone.

    I know where I keep my brains. I have worn a helmet for over 30 years and will not stop anytime soon. No one ever questioned my manliness or poked fun at me for not "living free". I am going to assume that people who don't wear helmets put their brains in the next safest place, which would be to sit on them.

    I don't understand the "Live Free or Die" mentality. Seat belts save lives, helmets save lives. They ARE NOT intrusions on our so-called freedoms. They are a proven and easy to use safety device that save lives. Use the darn things so the doctor who sees you in the ER doesn't have to feel the same thing I did when I saw a death that could have been easily prevented.

    Ok, I am off my soap box now. Please continue with your regular programming.

    Interesting first post by the way.
  3. Wayne R

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    I know some dont like being told what to do, but having gone down once in what was a minor spill, I for one was glad to have had mine on I still remember hearing the stones hitting my helmet on what would have been my head, I understand choice and all that but im glad I had mine on that day. :pelao
  4. RetiredJake

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    TN makes helmets mandatory. I'm used to wearing one and wear it even when not required. I'm currently snowbirding in AZ and still wear the darn thing. I tried riding once last year without it while I was at Sturgis. Felt very uncomfortable and I stopped after about 15 minutes and put it back on. Haven't ridden without it since.
  5. HDDon

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    I agree with everyone that say they wear one. There is no doubt that you are safer with one on. Having said that I still believe that what you do and when you do it, as long as it doesn't intrude on someone else's rights, or puts anyone else in danger, should be up to you.
  6. Iceman24

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    I'm with gasbag on this one - want to keep my brains intact b/c I need every available cell. When I was young, ignorant, care-free & single - helmet was optional & I rarely wore one. Now that I'm older, wiser, responsible & care for a wonderful family who wants to keep their husband/father - never roll without my head protected.

    I know this thread will teeter-totter back & forth so I'm making it clear that this is my opinion & others may not agree. That's OK - it's YOUR life.
  7. Mainah

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    Here's a copy of the bill HB 1162

    Here's the response from NHMRO. Flyer and the link to the NHMRO website

    Agree with the wearing of helmets or not this is just another example of the nanny state mentality of those elected. This bill comes up in New Hampshire almost every year and is always defeated. Most times the legislator who introduces it is defeated in the next election.

    The Live Free Or Die "mentality" is alive and well in New Hampshire, just as it was in these United States when our forefathers fought for our freedom from oppression. Sadly we are fighting for freedom all over again, this time from our own elected government.

    Thanks to the motorcycle rights groups we have not been legislated out of existence. I hope everyone here is a member and supporter of at least the group in their state and the .MRF

    Now I'll get off my soapbox.
  8. 2000classic

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    I don't believe original poster was saying helmets not a good idea, just doesn't want another law telling you what to do. As some here I believe helmets are a good idea. I do not wear one unless forced to. My choice and I want to keep it that way. On the other hand I will never ridicule anyone for wearing one either.:D
  9. maine-e-axe

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    Let those who ride decide, education not legislation, United Bikers of Maine's motto's
  10. silentflyer

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    Helmet or not, your choice, however if you don't wear one and end up with scrambled eggs for brains, please sign a medical release beforehand, stating that you are making this decision, and are willing to forgo the taxpayers covering the cost of keeping you in a hospital and feeding you with a tube for the rest of your life, if your actions put you there.