New Guy with possibly a Crankshaft Sensor problem?

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    A month ago, I was riding down I95 and the bike just slowly cut off by itself. No warning, just cut off. But slowly though, the engine started to act on its own like i let off of the throttle but i didnt. I was twisting it up even the more because I was in the hammer lane. Once i got it off on the shoulder, the starter would turn over but the bike would not fire up. Once i got it to the shop, the mechanic told me it was the power commander. He replaced it with Rev Tec's EFI box and sent me out of the shop. He said he didnt ride it because it was too cold but he was pretty sure that solved the problem. He used the diagnosis of disconnecting the power commander and plugging the main wiring harnes back together and starting the bike. I said ok, paid my money and picked the bike up.

    Christmas eve, I took the bike on its maiden voyage after getting it out of the shop and finding some warmer weather, (40 deg.) While im out finishing up my Christmas shopping it cuts off on me again, almost between shifts. I must admit, its been a while since i rode my baby and i did get out and run it. While the rpms rose to about 5200, she shuts off on me. A helpful bmw biker ( i guess they may call themselves riders) helped me push it into a lot. After i caught my breath from pushing uphill, i was kind of frustrated that the same thing happened again. I called the mechanic on his cell phone and explained to him what took place and he says that those are two separate issues because the first issue was at a constant speed on the highway and the second issue was leaving a light and the rpms are high. I told him, whatever, the bike is comming back to see you..

    I ride an 01 Electraglide with the MM fuel injection and it has acted funny before, but not this funny. I cant immagine what the problem could be. Have any of you experienced these problems before and what did you do to fix it? If you could help i would deffinately appreciate this late Christmas gift. Thanks fellas.
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    After checking for codes remove the power commander and see if bike runs and how well.

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    Did you check the intank fuel pump and plumbing? The key to adding mods like the power commander is to have a properly running bike first...then start the mods. It could well be the infamous loss of fuel/pressure problem with the pin holes in the hoses or pump fitting inlet crack and such.

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    I have been having problems with my 99 Ultra W/M&M . Last year when it turned cold it started to run (EDIT)
    & then wouldn't start. Replaced plugs & got it started but was running like it was on 1 cyl. Pulled the air cleaner off & sprayed a flammable brake clean in the throttle body, it has 2 sides & while spraying in on the rear side while it was running, the engine did nothing but on the front side it died. I then unplugged the injector to the rear cyl &* restarted it, it made no change in how it was running, I then resparyed into the throttle body, first the rear side & the engine perked up & ran smooth. When I sprayed the front cyl. it died again. I then replaced my fuel injectors & played with the TPS, replaced the ETS & got it running, fuel mileage was down from45-50 to 35-40, but all summer it did great.Then this year when we got some cold weather (maybe 30*) it did almost the same thing, did not go to running on just 1 cyl but didn't start, put some new plugs in & it started, played with the TPS, replaced the barro sensor & the IAT & got it running good, drove it home & by the time I got it home it was running like (EDIT)
    , played with the TPS once again & it ran great (best it ever has & mileage seemed to be up) drove it to work & it started to run like (EDIT)
    again. Now I have it in my garage torn down to paint my inner fairing. I did order a fuel filter, TPS & crank sensor. I figure since it is a 99 & has 83K, it won't hurt to replace the sensors, but will do one @ a time to see which is bad. Oh, one more thing that happened after the first time it started to act up, I was driving down the road about 35mph & the speedo light & the radio shut off & after about 3-5 min the bike died. Pulled it over to the side of the road, it fired back up & 10k miles it didn't act up at all. Good luck on yours, not sure if any of this will help, but I hope it can. When I pull the crank sensor out, if it looks messed up I will post pics.


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    Is your CPS located where it can get bunged up during an oil filter change? I'm not familiar with your year machine. You may be making as good a guess as any other but your info about the TPS has me wondering if if there is an O ring or something that might be dislodged or missing creating an air leak. Do you have the manual and a volt/ohm meter to make sure the TPS changes value smoothly as the throttle opens and closes? An electrical rough spot, a short or open may be confusing the computer. Wish I could say "check this" and you'd be good to go, but I am guessing just as you are.
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    I'm agreeing with Smitty as to the area of the problem. I had a similar problem with my 2000 when the gas cap vent (vacuum vent) failed and it would suck a vacuum as tank drew down and then engine would slow down and then as you got near idle or opened cap it would catch and refill carb and away I would go. When it happens unscrew your gas cap quickly and see if it has an effect. On mine it would take a second or two then run normal. Ran great all last year after changing cap.