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    Hello. I found this site last nite after looking around for some EVO engine info. I'm in the N.E. Florida area. Really like living here,able to ride year round. I apologize to our northern friends. I grew up in the north snow belt. I have a small stable of bike these days. My main rider is 1989 FXRS with a long list of improvements. Also a 1970 FLH Shovelhead I have had this bike for quite a while. It keeps changing its appearance from time to time. Its in the middle of a repaint and top end rebuild. Lastly a 2001 Indian Scout with 2700 miles. That is in dry storage. I had a major accident in 2006 and my wife road the Indian or the Sportster we had at the time. Well she since has stopped ridding. I have just recently started to ride on 2 wheels again myself. Its been a long road.I still have a few issue,I may miss spell a word here and there. And get a little mixed up sometimes, but I'll make it. I do most all my own work,from engine work to painting. I have a nice shop set up. A ranger table top lift,HD cycle jack,a motorcycle tire machince. More tools than my wife knows about. And a Proud ARMY Vet. That about it. Ken
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    Welcome to the forum from southeastern CT and another proud Army Vet!:small3d022::USA:CONNECTICUT
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    Welcome to The Forum from Jacksonville Florida, we must be pretty close to each other:s
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    Howdy and welcome from the Great State of Texas:TEXAS
    Thanks for your service as well.

    Be Safe, have fun
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    Welcome to the forum.:cheers
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    "more tools than my wife knows about" I like that. Welcome, looking forward to reading some of your posts.
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.