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  1. Greetings! Frank the Real Biker here. (The "Real Biker" part is a long story that stems from a joke that is rampant within my group of riding friends.) I call eastern KS my home...primarily because eastern KS is my home. Who but a Kansan would claim to live in Kansas, anyway? OK. It's not that bad around here. Western KS is fairly bland, but we have lots of fine motorcycle roads around the Kansas City area, relatively speaking. They are nothing like the roads around Maggie Valley, but it sure beats eastern CO.

    I ride a 2005 Electra Glide FLHT. I bought it in 2005. Prior to that I rode a custom hardtail with a Sportster 1200 engine that I built in 2002. (Photos of both bikes in my albums.) Before that I rode a 1967 Honda CB 350. Got rid of the Honda in 1971 when I went to college and didn't ride again until 2002 when I built the custom. The wife didn't want me to get a motorcycle for the typical silly "wife" reasons, such as paying for the kid's braces, fixing the house, and other frills. Finally I put my foot down and simply told her "I'm the man around here and I'm buying a motorcycle!" If you talk to her about it she'll tell her outlandish version of the story in which she claims she became tired of hearing me cry and whine like a 5 year old about getting a motorcycle and finally relented...but we all know how wives lie about that stuff. So, the bike has just shy of 100K miles which averages out to about 10K a year. Not bad, but I'd like to do more, of course.

    If you check out the photos of my bikes you'll note that they both have been painted a number of times. I'm an amateur painter and did them all myself. My first paint job was in 1969 when I painted my 1958 Chevrolet red/white/blue with white stars. I painted it with Rustoleum bulk paint in my fathers tractor paint booth. The "paint booth" was essentially a quonset building with a dirt floor and and air compressor. Turned out pretty good for a high school kid with minimal skills and equipment.

    I'm a retired police dispatcher. I was one of the few people that can tell a cop where to go and not be arrested. I became pretty disillusioned with citizens (and cops, too) after dealing with them for decades, so I took an early retirement in 2006, or as I like to call it, a "mental health retirement."

    Thanks for listening!
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    :wbs From the Rocky Mountains.
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    Nice read Frank. Welcome to the forum from Suwannee. We grade on the curve for punctuation.
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    Welcome from Pittsburgh, Pa.
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    Nice story!