New Florida Laws!!!!!

Discussion in 'South East' started by mikefxst, Aug 27, 2008.

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    29 wheelies, must have license plate displayed properly, and you really get nailed if you're 50 over the speed limit.

    I have no problem with any of those.
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    I agree, if you are an deserve what you get ..we can thank our friends on the crotch rockets, we had one rip through an active school crossing zone back in the spring at a clocked 140mph (radar) and kids were present, the judge threw the book at him as he should have. Moron lost his bike and gets to spend several months behind bars. Thank goodness hit didn't hit and kill a child, the we would all be paying the price for his lack of sense. Read limits on HP of bikes.....
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    i agree with that. I would say that should be everywhere.
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    I agree with it to.
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    It seems strange to me that a license tag improperly affixed should be treated in the same way as dangerous and potentially lethal riding but I can see the sense in the other two.
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    Hey works for me. I'm all for it. These guys on these sport bikes or any bike need to keep the wheels on the ground and not in the air. I can also see the tag issue. It makes it hard to read a tag that is on the vertical and not the Horz. These are some good laws. We need them.
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    well we have already had this we go again-ha ha ha
    but all i have to say is its your life if you want to endager it its your decision right?
    second if a plate is vertical instead of horizontal the idea for it is to be dispalyed correct. that would be like telling me is this a (l) "L" or a 1 or what when a bikes plate is so small and from a distance is lot harder to read then say cars/truck plate.If you remeber correctly a plate as one person said "displayed properly"; old pick up trucks fromt the 20's i believe up to the 50's used to dispay there tags horizontally.i also questioned the harshness of the laws for cage drivers are they as harsh. if your in a car doing 50 mph over the limit are the laws as harsh as they are for a biker because you can sure do a heck of alot more damage driving a auto vs. motorcycle
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    Please clarify, what defines an improperly displayed plate in FL? Vertical alone is illegal?
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    The only problem with endangering your life is you may be endangering someone else's. I have lost friends due to dumb drivers, drunk drivers and dumb motorcycle riders. When I was younger, I did some pretty dumb things, somehow got away with it. Growing older and having a family changes your perspective a little. I care for my family and could not imagine doing something stupid to endanger someone else's. I guess I am getting old. It sounds cliche, but there really is some wisdom that comes along with age.

    Sure, I speed a little, usually going with the flow of traffic. I am not perfect. 50mph over the speed limit is ridiculous. I can understand their point.

    The tag thing is a little stupid. I can't see grouping that with wheelies and speeding. I think you hae the crotch rockets to thank for that. The problem is not the customs with their side mounted tags, but a lot of ricers mount it under the fender where you cannot see it.

    Just my .02

    Ride Safe!